1 October 2015 | BattleLore

The Invasion Begins

The Undead Army Packs for BattleLore Are Now Available


The Blood Harvesters were holding firm against the onslaught of reanimated soldiers and shambling piles of bones. Packs of Flesh Ripper Brutes encircled the Death Knights and closed in for the kill—until the black Barghests approached. When the Barghests let loose their blood-curdling howls, the Flesh Ripper Brutes yelped, cowered, and turned to rout, and when a group of Reanimates led the chained, shrieking Banshee onto the field, the Blood Harvesters also, for the first time in their lives, felt fear. 

The Undead armies have begun their invasion. Terrors of the Mists and Heralds of Dreadfall, the two Undead Army Pack expansions for BattleLore Second Edition, are now available at U.S. retailers and in our online store.

A devastating war rages in Terrinoth as the Daqan Lords struggle to expel the savage, demon-worshipping Uthuk Y’llan from their realm. The war has now become even more brutal. Hordes of vengeful Undead are charging into the land, bringing vicious new tactics into battle. Each Army Pack expansion introduces five different types of terrifying Undead units, a twenty-card lore deck full of shocking battlefield tricks, and everything you need to muster and deploy an Undead army against living enemy troops. 

Terrors of the Mists

The Undead legions march onto the field in Terrors of the Mists, an Infantry-heavy Army Pack focused on melee combat. Leading your battle lines of armored Reanimates and shambling Bone Horrors into the fray are mortal, magic-wielding Necromancers. Like other Caster units, Necromancers are able to fire lethal energy that's as effective against flying Roc Warriors and the Great Dragon as against Blood Harvesters or Citadel Guards. Beyond being formidable warriors, these sorcerers can also use their dark Influence to manipulate nearby minions into attacking after a pitched combat has finished. 

Prowling alongside the infantry lines are gargantuan black hounds known as Barghests, who have stalked through the night and preyed upon the living since the dawn of time. The mere howl of these creatures can Panic a target unit, so that morale results turn a fight into a ruinous fiasco. Even more horrifying than the Barghests is the Banshee, a powerful, tormented, and cursed soul whose mere presence can make enemy units turn and take flight or feed the vengeful rage of the Undead who surround her. 

You can learn more about the Undead units of Terrors of the Mists in our first preview.

Heralds of Dreadfall

Fear is one of the most powerful weapons the Undead units of Terrors of the Mists possess. The units of Heralds of Dreadfall may use fear to undermine and paralyze the enemy as well, but they also bring another insidious weapon into battle: the blight of plague, which weakens units and only allows them to move one hex at a time. Skeleton Archers, the Ranged complement to Reanimates, shoot blighted arrows deep into enemy territory. The Barrow Wyrm, a ghastly beast created from the husk of a dead dragon, exhales blighted breath down upon enemy units from above. 

Charging ahead of the Skeleton Archers are Death Knights, Undead horsemen who have endured through centuries as their wrath and malice grew ever stronger. They have a greater combat value than any other Cavalry unit in BattleLore. So great is their Unholy Might that weakened units cannot even attack them. However the most unassailable Undead unit may be the Wraiths. These wretched, disembodied spirits can pass through other units, and only Caster units may attack them with an undiminished combat value. Always seeking to inhabit bodies, Wraiths may also possess an enemy unit, rendering it defenseless and destroying it from within.

Our second preview reveals more about Heralds of Dreadfall. 

Lead the Undead—Or Fear Them

These Army Packs do more than introduce new units; they transform the battlefield itself, introducing new scenarios and tiles to the game and turning once green pastures of Terrinoth into putrid plaguelands, haunted forests, and decaying graveyards. What’s more, the arrival of the Undead faction compels any commander of the Daqan Lords or Uthuk Y’llan to muster new armies, discover new tactics, and even deploy forces on the field in innovative new ways. Now that the Undead are in play, BattleLore will never be the same.

Pick up your copies of Terrors of the Mists and Heralds of Dreadfall from your local retailer today! 

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