31 March 2015 | BattleLore: Command

War Comes to Your Desktop

BattleLore: Command Is Now Available on Steam


The wait is over. BattleLore: Command is now available for PC and Mac OSX via Steam!

You can now experience the game’s vicious battles and epic campaign on your desktop. Command the noble warriors of the Daqan as they defend their homeland, or lead the savage hordes of the Uthuk Y’llan in a bloody and destructive invasion. Cross-platform online multiplayer allows you to battle opponents throughout the world. The Steam build also features intuitive controls, a 360º zoom view, and a frame rate of over 100 frames per second.

Valor and Vengeance

The single-player campaign mode of BattleLore: Command puts you in charge of the Daqan army as they fight to keep the Uthuk Y’llan from devastating peaceful Terrinoth. Its twenty missions take place throughout Terrinoth’s landscape, in island villages and at an ancient tomb, in thick forests and parched deserts. Each mission offers a different challenge, from rescuing captured innocents and retrieving stolen artifacts to defending the gate of Kellar Keep. As the war intensifies, your army will grow from a few infantry and ranged units to a large and diverse force that includes swift cavalry, soaring raptors, and massive Rune Golems. 

Multiplayer mode enables you wage vicious battles against a friend using online multiplayer or via the same wireless network. You can also play single skirmishes against the computer. For every battle you’ll select one of five maps, determine how much gold you and your opponent can spend in mustering your forces, choose a faction. Since you can choose whichever faction you want, you might pit the Daqan troops against each other in a brutal civil war, or send the Uthuk Y’llan demons to hunt down their kin. As you advance through the campaign, you’ll also unlock new units for your multiplayer battles, so you can surprise your opponents by deploying the formidable Baron of Kell, or the fearsome, scorpion-riding blood sister Malaana.

Doom and Destruction

The Locust Expansion, available as downloadable content, brings more forces to the fray and adds five more maps to the multiplayer mode. Named for the Uthuk Y’llan (which means “blood of the locust”), this expansion also features a three-mission, single-player mini-campaign, in which you command the Uthuk  Y’llan as they fight to gather dark magical energies, destroy an important Daqan foundry, and defeat Baron Frederic in battle. 

Joining the Uthuk Y’llan army are the mutated, powerful Grotesque, who can shoot forth piercing bone spurs, and the insectlike Doombringers, who tunnel beneath battlefield obstacles and devour unsuspecting soldiers. The Daqan also gain two new units with this expansion. The Greyhaven Battlemages are ranged troops who fire orbs of deadly energy at the enemy and magically shield nearby friendly units; the Ironbound are armored automatons capable of holding out against even the fiercest attacks. 

Take the Field 

Fight head-to-head death matches against opponents anywhere in the world, or embark on the single-player campaign to save the Daqan homeland. Lead the valiant Citadel Guards and flying Roc Warriors of the Daqan army or the monstrous, towering Chaos Lords and fearless Blood Harvesters of the Uthuk Y’llan. BattleLore: Command offers stunning landscapes, fierce battles, and intense strategic challenges for any commander. 

Download BattleLore: Command from Steam today! 

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