25 March 2015 | BattleLore: Command

The Invasion of the Locust

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The soulless, metal warriors of the Daqan, their Ironbound, have slain many of our Uthuk brothers and sisters. But powerful, inhuman blood rushes through our veins. We are the Locust, and our fury cannot be quenched! Our rage will never die! We will demolish the foundry where they make their metal warriors. We will summon the Doom Bringers and they will devour these men. Our weapons will pierce their bones and our strong claws will lacerate their flesh. It is time to dye the earth red with Daqan blood! 

You can now wage brutal fantasy battles against opponents anywhere in the world and grow the might of your armies with new units. A new update for BattleLore: Command brings free online multiplayer to the game and offers the first expansion for in-app purchase! 

This free update for iOS and Android, available on iTunes and Google Play, introduces cross-platform online multiplayer with online social gaming support through Apple’s Game Center and Google Play Services. It also incorporates several optimizations and game play improvements. The Locust expansion, available for in-app purchase, features four new units and five new multiplayer battlefields, along with a single-player mini-campaign in which you lead the bloodthirsty and demonic forces of the Uthuk Y’llan.

Doom and Destruction

In the first mission of the Locust expansion you’ll take command of the Uthuk Y’llan as they raid dark energy from the Deeping Wound in the wastelands of the Ru Steppes. Joining your forces are the Grotesque, a new melee unit of mutated humans possessing powerful claws that can lacerate enemy troops and drench the battlefield with their blood. The Grotesque can also shoot forth sharp bone spurs as a ranged weapon, making them one of the most versatile units on the field and a fitting opponent for the magic-wielding Greyhaven Battlemages who have come to fight for the Daqan lords. You’ll also face another new battlefield threat– the mighty, armored Ironbound automatons.

Once you’ve amassed the necessary orbs of evil energy, you can summon the Doombringer, a massive, creeping, insectlike creature that can burrow beneath obstacles and devour nearby enemy troops. You’ll need the Doombringer in your assault upon the foundry where the Daqan manufacture the Ironbound. Trenches filled with flowing lava encircle the foundry, and only the Doombringer can navigtate these trenches easily.

Your greatest challenge as commander of the Uthuk Y’llan will be overcoming Baron Frederic, who possesses a health of ten, a combat value of four, and who cannot be counter-attacked. The Kellarian cavalry defending him are formidable as well, as deadly as the Flesh Ripper Brutes and greater movement than any other cavalry. If you defeat the Baron, not only will the Uthuk Y’llan be able to ravage his barony, but you will be able deploy him within your multiplayer Daqan armies.

Demolish or Defend

As the new online multiplayer feature connects you with countless new opponents, the Locust expansion introduces five new skirmish maps where your battles can take place. Use the Doombringer’s agility and the might of the Grotesque to demolish the town of Zeiholt before your opponent can defend it. You can also fight bloody deathmatches in the dark, thick forests of Hart’s Grove or among the boulders surrounding the mountaintop fortress of the Rookery. 

If you prefer the valor and innovation of the Daqan army, deploy the Greyhaven Battlemages, armed with deadly orbs of magic energy, and alongside them units of Ironbound. These automatons can also move without being commanded, so as your Battlemages advance, the Ironbound will naturally follow. Greyhaven Battlemages also have the power to shield adjacent units using runic magic that deflects a point of damage. The new Kellar’s Keep skirmish is an excellent test for these units, challenging one player to defend the Keep’s gate, and the other to break through it. Together, the Battlemages and the Ironbound are as well suited to assaulting the keep’s gate as they are defending it. 

You Are in Command

Take up arms against new foes through the cross-platform online multiplayer, harness the power of the Locust expansion’s new units, and lead the Uthuk Y’llan in their quest to dominate Terrinoth. Whichever faction you prefer, whether you enjoy most the single-player campaign or heated online duels, you’ll find that this BattleLore: Command update takes the game to a whole new level. 

Download BattleLore: Command v. 1.2 from itunes and Google Play today! A Steam version for PC and Mac is coming soon. 

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