25 March 2015 | BattleLore: Command

Civil War

Online Multiplayer for BattleLore: Command is Now Available 


Command custom armies against friends and foes anywhere in the world in BattleLore: Command! A just-released free update makes cross-platform online multiplayer through itunes and Google Play.

If you haven't yet played BattleLore: Command, now’s your chance to experience epic fantasy battles and intense strategic challenges. The game’s campaign puts you in charge of the Daqan army as they fight to drive off the vicious, demon-blooded Uthuk Y’llan from their homeland. The multiplayer mode, the focus of today’s preview, offers you the chance to take on a friend or the CPU on a range of different battlefields, commanding a Daqan or Uthuk Y’llan army composed of the units you like best.

Choose Your Battlefield

When you enter the online multiplayer lobby, you can join one of the listed games or create your own. Whether you prefer to defend, destroy, or ruthlessly annihilate your opponent, whether you want to fight in thick forests or open fields, you’ll find a map suited to your style of command. At the village of the Grey Gate, you’ll have ten rounds to completely eliminate your opponent.  Or, invade the settlement at the Spire of Glamis and put its buildings to the torch. At the legendary Tomb of Pelius, you can compete with the opposing army to harness powerful energies, or you can attempt to cross the Morshan River and fight your way into enemy territory. The Ruins of Lothold forces you to fight on two fronts: you must defend your stronghold at the same time as invading the enemy’s fortress on the opposite side of the battlefield. 

The Locust expansion, now available for in-app purchase, adds five more maps to the multiplayer mode, from new demolition and deathmatch options to the Gatecrasher map, where one army must force their way through the gate of the Baron’s fortified keep. You may send several units to their death attempting to break through the defensive lines, but you only need warrior to make it through in order to achieve victory.


Muster Your Forces

At the moment you create a game, you’ll determine how much gold you and your opponent can spend in mustering your armies. Less gold means undertaking a hard-fought skirmish between a few units. With fifty gold you can create an expansive and powerful army with a full compliment of infantry, cavalry, and legendary units such as flying Roc Warriors and terrifying Chaos Lords. 

Multiplayer allows you to choose whichever faction you want and pit Daqan units against Daqan, Uthuk against Uthuk in deadly civil war. You can see how many bloodthirsty Flesh Ripper Brutes it takes to kill a Chaos Lord, or deploy several Rune Golems to stand up against an attacking force of swift Riverwatch Riders. New units of both factions are unlocked for multiplayer mode as you progress through the game’s campaign. Surprise your opponent by sending two types of Daqan cavalry into battle, or dominate the battlefield with the scorpion-riding, magic-wielding blood sister Malaana. In the Locust expansion you’ll find four additional units. The burrowing Doom Bringer and mutated Grotesque join the Uthuk Y’llan, while the Daqan army gains the support of the armored Ironbound automatons.  Greyhaven Battlemages, who can shield nearby friendly units and fling deadly energy at their targets.

Fight to the Death

You can also play against a friend using the same wireless network or, even using the same device with the pass-and-play option. Wherever in the world your opponents are, whatever battlefield tactics you find most lethal, the multiplayer mode of BattleLore: Command enables you to experience heated and vicious head-to-head combat in a fully-realized, fantastical world. 

Download BattleLore: Command 1.2 from iTunes and Google Play today! 

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