16 December 2015 | Android Fiction

Tap the Network

New Fiction Set in the Worlds of Android

Plug into the future. Delve new datamines. Discover countless stories spread across the populated worlds… Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming releases of Monster Slayer and Monitor, the newest additions to its Android Fiction line!

A scarred Mars veteran seeks revenge against the corp she feels exploited her and her fellow soldiers. Three friends take a stand against corporate privacy abuses only to find their every move monitored and broadcast…  Both Monster Slayer and Monitor blend fast-paced science-fiction with old-school attention to bookmaking. Set in the not-too-distant future described by The Worlds of Android, each of these highly collectible hardcover books adds to the setting with a sixteen-page, full-color insert that features detailed backstory on its story’s characters, locations, and events.

Both novellas will also be available as digital downloads, but the sixteen bonus pages of setting details and backstory will be exclusive to the hardcover editions.

In the future of the Android setting, the world has changed. We have colonized Luna and Mars. Androids walk among us, looking and thinking like human beings. Human beings wear cybernetics that make them more and more machine. Everything is genetically modified (or so it seems). The saying goes, "If you're not g-modded, your parents weren't trying."

_Do our techological advances actually make life better?

Yet even in this brave new age, as humanity continues to tame the impossible, extending its influence further into space and the future, human behavior remains unchanged. Only the stakes have changed—amplified by our access to the solar system and the network.

After all, everything is on the Network. The latest gossip. Your taste in music. Your consumer profile. Your political tendencies. Dirty corporate secrets. Hidden events, hidden lives, all the things you wondered if they were out there… They're on the Network.

Now, with Monster Slayer and Monitor, you can sift through the Network and access the full scoop on some of the Android setting's most compelling people, corps, and stories.

A veteran of the War, Reina can’t stop fighting. Only now, she’s no longer on Mars, and she’s no longer a soldier. Scarred by her time as an Electronic Warfare Service drone operator, Reina has transformed herself into a notorious cybercriminal, and she’s turned her hatred of the Weyland Consortium into a personal crusade. Her goal? Expose the corp’s machinations and exact vigilante justice.

When Reina’s efforts lead her deep into some of Weyland’s most heavily secured servers, she discovers that its geothermal fracking initiative, Project Vulcan, is far more dangerous than the public realizes. But then again, so is the Weyland Consortium. As Reina digs deeper and contacts old allies, she learns firsthand just how far the megacorp will go to protect its secrets.

               …With a gesture she brought up the holo-interface and spun through a forest of icons to the GRNDL file.

As the stakes grow higher, the body count rises. Can Reina expose the threat posed by Project Vulcan? And, in the end, will her crusade be worth the cost?

//Written by Android universe co-creator Daniel Lovat Clark, Monster Slayer delves deep into the life and struggles of La Reina Roja, a runner shaped by the War and dedicated to exposing the truth about the Weyland Consortium. The book's multidimensional approach guides readers through the virtual world and the meatspace of New Angeles, offering the most comprehensive exploration of the runner's lifestyle to date.

What good are a console, a couple of contacts, and some military-honed skills against the might of the Weyland Consortium? In addition to its 96 pages of fiction, the hardcover edition of Monster Slayer comes with a sixteen-page full color insert full of setting details pertinent to the story, including backstory on GRNDL, the First Mars Expeditionary Brigade, and the New Angeles underground.

         “If you’re playing chess with the enemy, what’s the best move?”
                                               “No idea,” he said. “Clearly.”
                           “Draw your sidearm and shoot him in the head.”

Three young Breaker Bay grads dream of making a difference in the world—and becoming Network celebrities—away from the desks of their dreary MegaBuy call center jobs. After they recover an NBN executive’s PAD at a protest in Broadcast Square, it seems Lana Rael and her friends, Johnny and Tim, might finally have their chance to discover the truth behind NBN’s saccharine and explosively popular franchise, Sunshine Junction.

But when the aspiring activists stumble into the corporation’s all­ seeing eye, they find themselves in the limelight—and not in the way they hoped.

            …A good neighbor has nothing to hide.

As camdrones begin to follow them through the megacity and broadcast their every move on live threedee, Lana and her friends will have to ask themselves just how much they’re willing to sacrifice to fight the corps. Is making a difference worth risking their privacy, their lifestyle, or their lives?

//Can three young grads and a stolen PAD subvert the public's acceptance of NBN's popular children's program, Sunshine Junction?

Fans of media giant NBN, its colorful programs, and its high-profile characters gain unparalleled access to the megacorp's HQ in Leigh Alexander's Monitor. As the media-focused megacorp responds to the threat posed by a trio of wannabe activists, we learn more about such popular characters as Jackson Howard, Victoria Jenkins, and Dinosaurus.

Meanwhile, as the protagonists have their privacy stripped away, they lose control of their lives. Their actions become increasingly desperate and surprising. As they look for ways to retaliate, will their lives spiral into total anarchy? Will they regain control of the context that defines them? And who is responsible for their suffering? In Monitor, the truth is malleable, and learning how to shape it is paramount.

In addition to its 96 pages of fiction, the hardcover edition of Monitor comes with a sixteen-page full color insert with setting information on activism in the Android future, NBN's Global Adaptive Entertainment, MegaBuy, and the future of marketing.

                    According to the program description, he was slated to help the Sunshine Junction Friends teach Dinosaurus about cyberbullying.

More Than Fiction

In addition to their stories, the hardcover versions of Monster Slayer and Monitor both contain sixteen pages of bonus, full-color setting details and backstory.

Set in the same style as The Worlds of Android, these bonus inserts introduce new artwork and in-depth looks at issues that provide context for both the associated story and your future adventures in the Android setting.

Worlds of Infinite Possibilities

The Android universe already stretches from Earth to Mars, and it's growing. The possibilities for Android fiction are infinite, and you can soon take your first steps toward full immersion with Monster Slayer and Monitor. Both novellas are scheduled for release late in the first quarter of 2016!

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