12 January 2017 | Android Fiction

Jinteki's Dirty Secrets Exposed?

Lisa Farrell's Exodus Is Now Available in Digital Format

…the door at the far end of the walkway opened again, and a Tenma clone dressed in a blue courier jumpsuit and carrying a large package stepped out. Miranda eyed the package. If it was a gift for her, the presentation was inexcusable.
     “There’s been a change of plan,” the Tenma said loudly, addressing the other clones. “Ms. Rhapsody is coming with me.”

Brace yourself for an adrenaline-laced, high-speed chase through the streets, skyways, and underways of New Angeles. Exodus is now available in digital format.

Written by Lisa Farrell, Exodus follows the story of Ken "Express" Tenma as he races toward the Colombian border, trying to stay one step ahead of the NAPD, in order to deliver a stolen package.

However, this job isn't your standard snatch and deliver. This is high-stakes clone smuggling, and it all starts to fall apart when Express realizes his package is the worlds-famous sensie star Miranda Rhapsody. And she doesn't even know she's a clone.

Filled with riveting action and closer looks at such popular characters as Express, Miranda Rhapsody, and Caprice Nisei, Exodus is a fast-paced page-turner that's sure to delight with its unique take on clones, cybercrime, black-market trade, and mysterious assassins. It will particularly delight (or frustrate) fans of the megacorp Jinteki Biotech as it explores some of the dirtiest secrets of the clone trade, including large-scale deception and the clone black market.

Take a peek at the not-too-distant future. Pick up your copy of Exodus today!

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