14 December 2016 | Android Fiction

Go Off Grid

The Limited Edition of Exodus Is Now Available

     …Every camdrone would be tracking him now, all cops alerted to a rogue Tenma, and Jinteki too, most likely. This sort of attention could get him killed, never mind what would happen to Randi.

It's time to go off grid with Ken "Express" Tenma and Miranda Rhapsody. The limited edition hardcover version of Exodus is now available from our webstore!

He was growing beyond the Tenma specs, as Li11ith had always said he would. He couldn’t afford to get caught now.
     He looked over to the sleeping celeb. The sooner he got rid of her the better, but she wasn’t ready. He would have to be thorough and employ the doctor’s services, and fast.

Written by Lisa Farrell, Exodus puts the pedal to the metal as it follows Express and Miranda along high-speed chases, through the darkest corners of New Angeles, among encounters with shadowy assassins, and into the seedy underbelly of the clone black market.

Of course, disappearing with the world's most recognizable celebrity isn't an easy task, so how does a runner like Express even attempt it? Is it even possible, or is he just buying time to work on his back-up plan? What's more, who wants to pay him for getting Miranda out of New Angeles, and why?

Hop aboard your Qianju 7000 and feel your engine roar. You'll race from one point of intrigue to another, swerving around plot turns, and past scenes that follow the NAPD and Caprice Nisei's pursuit of the fugitives. Throughout the entirety of the story, you'll get a better sense of street-level New Angeles, the runner's lifestyle, how the world views clones, and how the clones view themselves.

After you've finished the novella and caught your breath, there's still more to the limited edition hardbound version of Exodus.

A sixteen-page, full-color insert, written in the style of The Worlds of Android, introduces a wealth of new setting details to expand your appreciation of the Android universe, its games, and its stories:

He blasted under the building and through the old, unused parking lots, gaining speed. Debris littered the ground, but the Qianju sailed over it all, sending the trash spinning. They shot out into the open and climbed to reach daylight. The sky was clear, sunlight cutting through the smog.

  • Miranda Rhapsody
  • Riding the Skylanes
  • The Qianju 7000
  • Black-Market Clones
  • The Invisible Clone Trade

Until our media catch up to the sensies of the Android universe, there's no better way to immerse yourself in the Android universe than with one of our Android novellas. So head to our webstore now to order your copy of Exodus. Then hold on tight… You're about to hit the ground running!

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