18 August 2014 | BattleLore: Command

BattleLore: Command

Announcing a Digital App of Tactical Battles in Terrinoth


For a moment it seemed that the tide of war might have turned, but it was only a moment. The Uthuk Y’llan have returned more powerful than ever. They storm throughout Terrinoth, laying waste to our land and massacring our people. With these bloodthirsty demons clamoring at our gates, we place our hope in you, Commander, knowing that you have the knowledge of lore to awaken the Rune Golems and the military talents to lead our forces to victory. This is the last chance to save Terrinoth. You must defeat the Uthuk Y’llan.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce BattleLore: Command, a digital game for iOS, Android, and PC, based on the tactical board game BattleLore Second Edition.

Take command of the noble Daqan Lords’ army in a single-player campaign to vanquish the vicious Uthuk Y’llan from Terrinoth, or control either army in battles against a friend on the same wireless network. With vividly-realized battlefields and engaging animations, Battlelore: Command brings tactical combat to life.

Watch a video trailer of BattleLore: Command above!

Formidable Opponents and Challenging Missions

The single-player campaign against the Uthuk Y’llan takes you throughout Terrinoth on a series of unique missions, from Hernfar Isle in the middle of the fast-flowing River Lothan, the ancient Tomb of Pelius and the sand-covered Steppes. Depending on the mission, your troops must keep the enemy from burning homes, recover powerful magical artifacts, or stop the massacre of innocent people.

You begin a battle by mustering an army particularly suited to the current mission and strategically deploying your forces. In the first battle, the only Daqan units available to you are the Yeoman Archers and Citadel Guards. As the campaign progresses and missions become more difficult, other types of units come into your command: mounted Riverwatch Riders, monstrous Rune Golems made of living stone, and mighty flying Roc Warriors. Every unit has a special ability that may be activated in combat. Yeoman Archers can shoot twice if they do not have to move before firing; Rune Golems can stun the enemy so that it cannot move, attack, or retreat.

The Uthuk Y’llan army also grows over the course of the campaign. At first, only Blood Harvesters and Viper Legions, mortals transformed by dark magic, terrorize the land. Soon, however, demons come to their side: rabid Flesh Ripper Brutes threaten the Daqan cavalry, the Obscene unrelentingly bludgeon their opponents, and titanic Chaos Lords spread destruction across the battlefield. Of course, the Uthuk Y’llan units also have special abilities in combat: Viper Legions can poison enemy units, Flesh Ripper Brutes unfailingly wound any weakened units they attack.

In the multi-player Skirmish mode, you and your friend select a scenario to play and deploy the most powerful armies possible using the full range of units. Each scenario takes place on a different battlefield and has a different victory condition, from utterly destroying your opponent’s forces to merely preventing them from advancing into your territory. The Daqan Lords and the Uthuk Y’llan each possess unique strengths for a commander to utilize – and unique vulnerabilities to exploit.

Commands, Maneuvers, Tactics, and Lore

Combat begins once the armies have been mustered and deployed. Sometimes the enemy advances immediately, other times you will have the opportunity to attack first or take a stronger position. You have a limited set of commands, each governing a different number of units in the three sections of the battlefield. Some commands focus on the left flank, right flank, or the center, others allow allow you to make a line advance, or to move three units of a specific type no matter their location.

Plan your movements and positions carefully. You could try to outflank the enemy and ambush them, gang up on an isolated unit, or pull your forces back and wait for a better opportunity. Occupying a building shields a unit from the first hit scored against it, while surrounding an enemy unit enables you to pin them, which deals additional damage beyond any hits you score. Positioning your units close together may prevent them from being pinned, or from having to retreat. A 360 degree view of the battlefield enables you to see your position, and the enemy’s, from any vantage, to zoom in close to forests or strategic chokepoints or pull back and view the entire battlefield at once.

BattleLore: Command rewards good tactics, but there is a random component to combat. Every unit has a combat value that determines how many “dice” are rolled in an attack. As the combat results are revealed, animations show you the exact effect of the attack: archers take aim and shoot, Flesh Ripper Brutes roar and rear up to attack, retreating units turn and run, slain Rune Golems crumble into lifeless stone and dust.

Combat in BattleLore: Command consists of more than blade meeting blade. Lore powers, activated either during an attack or defensively at the end of your turn, endow armies with fantastical abilities. Enchanted Arrows allows Yeoman Archers to hit any target on the battlefield, regardless of distance or obstacles that block line of sight. Stalwart Defenders allows all Daqan units to ignore one damage and one retreat during an enemy turn. The Uthuk Y’llan can use Chaos of Battle to force the Daqan army to move randomly around the field, or Blood Sacrifice to strategically weaken one unit in order to add strength to another.

Take the Battlefield

BattleLore: Command provides an engaging and challenging combat experience, both for expert players of the board game and for players who are entirely new to BattleLore. Its missions will test and develop the tactical skills of any commander, whether leading the Daqan Lords in the defense of their homeland or ravaging Terrinoth with the Uthuk Y’llan. Prepare to command an army in battle against its greatest foe.

Look for Battlelore: Command in the App store, Google Play and Amazon Marketplace in the last quarter of 2014.

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