25 November 2014 | BattleLore: Command

The War Begins

BattleLore: Command Is Now Available


Call your troops to arms and prepare for war! BattleLore: Command is now available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

BattleLore: Command is a digital game of tactical combat based on the board game BattleLore Second Edition. Command the noble Daqan army as they defend their realm from its direst foe in the game’s single-player campaign. In the skirmish mode, you can lead the Daqan army or their enemy, the bloodthirsty Uthuk Y’llan, fighting the computer or a friend on the same wireless network. Using the game’s 360º view with zoom capability, you can experience the action as if in the middle of the fray or survey the entire battlefield at once to plan your strategy. With suspenseful battles, fantastical armies, and game-changing lore powers, BattleLore: Command provides a thrilling and challenging combat experience.

Defend Your Homeland

Our first preview introduced the valiant and powerful units of the Daqan army. When the land of Terrinoth is in danger, its farmers and villagers take up arms as brave Citadel Guards and sharpshooting Yeoman Archers. These units are the heart of the Daqan army, the realm’s first line of defense. Charging ahead of them are the Riverwatch Riders: swordsmen mounted on swift horses trained for battle. As the conflict intensifies, you can awaken the massive Rune Golems: the ancient guardians of Terrinoth, built of magically animated stone. If you ensure the safety of the mountain clans, they will send Roc Warriors– soldiers mounted on giant birds of prey– to fight under your command. You may even win armed bandits to your cause, or Baron Frederic may contribute his elite cavalry to the war effort.

In the campaign mode, which our last preview explored more fully, you will command these troops on missions throughout the barony of Kell. You will have to protect border villages, rescue innocents held captive in the Forest of Grief, and prevent enemy forces from occupying the baron’s keep. Once you have stopped the Uthuk Y’llan invasion, you must still venture into their barren desert territory and defeat the cruel sorceress who governs them in order to win.

Invade and Destroy

The Uthuk Y’llan, featured in our second preview, owe their superhuman strength and their inhuman savagery to the demon blood that corrupts their bodies and minds. The backbone of their invading force are the Blood Harvesters– rage-filled, relentless melee troops armed with scythes– and the Viper Legion: archers with quivers full of poison arrows. Fighting among them are a variety of demons: ravenous packs of Flesh Ripper Brutes that can smell a wounded enemy, mace-wielding and blood-craving Obscene. As their invasion progresses, demons far more powerful and evil will join the battle: towering Chaos Lords who terrifying their opponents into fleeing across the battlefield and Ravos the Ever-Hungry, a gargantuan creature who devours everything in his path.

You must vanquish these vicious forces of chaos and destruction in the campaign mode. In the skirmish mode, however, you can command the Uthuk Y’llan and channel their furious, demonic strength into obliterating your opponent in five different skirmish scenarios. Each scenario offers a different strategic challenge, from Gather Power, in which you must protect your own resources while stealing the enemy’s, to Deathmatch, in which your goal is to slay every last unit of the opposing army.

Wield Arcane Powers

Combat in BattleLore: Command involves more than weapons, movement, and a unit’s abilities. Both the Daqan Lords and the Uthuk Y’llan have their own lore powers: single-use advantages that come from inspired tactics, bursts of valor, and even magical combat spells. You can use lore powers during your turn to make an offensive attack more lethal, or play them defensively during your opponents’ turn to shield your troops. The Daqan lore power Wall of Steel, for example, makes a single unit less likely to be harmed when attacked. Enchanted Arrows allow your archers to shoot any target on the battlefield, regardless of line-of-sight issues. Uthuk Y’llan lore powers include Summon Swarm, which calls down upon the battlefield an infestation of deadly insects, and Chaos of Battle, which fills your opponent’s units with terror and confusion so that they move randomly around the battlefield. Strategically playing a lore power could not just give you the upper hand for a round, but put victory well within your grasp.

Command and Fight

Lead the Daqan army and order your Riverwatch Riders to stampede across the battlefield as Rune Golems pound your enemy into the ground. Command the savage Uthuk Y’llan hordes, releasing the Flesh Ripper Brutes to tear at the enemy’s flesh and sending in Blood Harvesters to cut down anyone that stands in their way. Take on the challenge of leading Terrinoth’s defense by yourself, or duel with a friend in heated skirmishes for tactical supremacy. Armies are waiting to be deployed, the battlefield is waiting to be bloodied, and you are in command.

Download BattleLore: Command from the iTunes App store and Google Play today!


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