STAR WARS (R): Force and Destiny (TM) Beta Update 10

News From the Developers of the Force and Destiny Beta

Hello Force and Destiny beta testers,

This week’s playtesting update (pdf, 326 KB) is fairly light. Our primary focus is on some changes to starships and vehicles. Some of these changes are to make some of the ships more durable, while, in one case, the goal is to ensure cross-compatibility with the other Star Wars RPG game lines. As we look forward to the next round of updates, we are interested in hearing more feedback about our new starships and vehicles, especially those with which the PCs can start their games, such as the Pathfinder and G9 Rigger.

Make Sure Your Voice Is Heard

By now, it’s probably no surprise that we’re nearing the end of our beta testing process for Force and Destiny. At this stage, we want to encourage anyone with urgent or important feedback to submit it to us as soon as possible. Your time for offering feedback is now limited, and we want you to make sure your voice is heard as we continue refining the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook to make it the best possible system for playing as Force-users in the Star Wars universe.

We will not have a beta update next week; instead we will spend the next two weeks accumulating feedback from beta testers on any issues you have found in your playtesting that have not yet been addressed.

As we wrap up this beta test, we just want to thank you all one more time for all the hard work you’ve put into this. The current version of Force and Destiny is much improved over the version we started testing back in August, and that’s thanks to your diligent efforts. Great work, everyone!

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