STAR WARS (R): Force and Destiny (TM) Beta Update #8

News From the Developers of the Force and Destiny Beta

Hello Force and Destiny beta testers,

This week’s update (pdf, 323 KB) focuses on Force powers, adding quite a few upgrades and modifications. Some of these are clerical as we tweaked the rules slightly to bring them back in line with Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion. Because we made these clerical changes, we also added a lot of minor clarifications to powers. These may not be flashy, but they’ll make them easier to use at the table.

However, a few powers got more exciting tweaks. Protect/Unleash saw some big changes. Protect was modified to give more control to the character, and Unleash now does twice as much damage. Also, for you wannabe dark siders out there, Unleash’s mastery upgrade is absolutely brutal. The dreaded Force lightning now well and truly lives up to its reputation!

The other power to see some major enhancement is Battle Mediation. We’ve been hearing that this power needed some punch, so we’ve changed its basic ability. Now, instead of adding Advantage to checks, it adds Success. Very few abilities do this in the game, so Battle Meditation has a unique and very potent role in a party. We also made an interesting change to its range upgrades that we hope you test in your games.

That’s it for this week. For next week, we want to hear how these modified Force powers work in your games. Also, at this stage of the beta, we would like feedback on anything you feel we’ve missed, and we would like to hear how the updates in our beta have affected your game sessions. In-game experiences are very valuable to us, so please send those along! Finally, since we’ve introduced a lot of changes over the last couple weeks, we won’t be posting any update to the errata next week. We want to give you the time to test the latest errata on the tabletop, and get some play experience with these changes.

As always, thanks for your continued participation and feedback!

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