Quest in the Darkness

Preview Quests in The Witcher Adventure Game


Prince Ellander’s firstborn son has been transformed into a monster. With great sadness, the Prince requests that you put his son out of his misery. What a delicate position you have found yourself in…

The world of The Witcher is filled with devious opponents and unknowable dangers. No matter where you venture, you may need to fight for your life at any moment. Yet you must face these dangers and more to become the most renowned hero in the Continent and claim victory in The Witcher Adventure Game!

Your quests lie at the heart of The Witcher Adventure Game. To prove yourself a true hero, you must complete quests across the Continent and gain victory points provided by these adventures. In our last preview, we looked at the different actions that you use to travel and experience the world of The Witcher. Today, we’ll explore your goals by examining quests in greater detail!

A World of Adventure

Your quests in The Witcher Adventure Game may take any number of forms. You may need to battle a fearsome monster, study the ancient mysteries of magic, or resolve a diplomatic crisis without incident. Depending on which hero you play, you’ll have a natural inclination towards a certain category of quest. Geralt of Rivia, a hardened witcher and fighter, naturally handles combat quests more easily than quests that require delicate social interactions.

At the beginning of every game of The Witcher Adventure Game, you draw two cards from the quest deck shown on your hero sheet. You must choose one of these two quest cards to take on. Quests are difficult tasks for any aspiring hero, and they are divided into several parts: the main quest, side quests, and a support quest. To complete a main quest and claim its victory points, you must go to a specific location in the Continent and spend resources known as proof. For example, Geralt could choose the Of Dwarven Make quest card. To complete the main quest, Geralt must be in Mahakam and he must use a blue proof and a red proof to collect the materials for a new sword and convince a smith to forge the blade. Completing this quest grants Geralt the victory points listed on the right border of the card: twelve victory points in this case.

Every main quest requires some amount of proof to complete, and this proof is obtained by trading in leads – resources you may obtain from traveling and investigating strange occurrences throughout the land. Although all heroes gain leads in the same ways, the amount of leads you need to exchange for a specific type of proof varies from hero to hero.

Geralt of Rivia is adept at combat, but cautious and careful diplomacy isn’t his preferred means for resolving issues. To reflect this, Geralt can convert three red leads to one red proof, but he needs seven purple leads to exchange for a single purple proof. Other heroes have different specialties. Triss Merigold relies on her magical prowess, meaning she needs only three blue leads to convert to one blue proof.

Once you’ve gathered the necessary leads from your travels and adventures, you can exchange them for proof at any point during your turn. To complete your main quest, you must gather proof and reach the location specified by your quest card. Some quests may even require you to do battle with a fearsome monster from another sphere, but even in these cases, you must gather proofs to complete other aspects of the quest. We’ll explore combat and monsters in greater detail in a future preview.

After the main quest is completed, you immediately gain the listed main quest victory points and resolve the consequences. But even successfully resolving a main quest can have unfortunate consequences. When the Of Dwarven Make main quest is completed, you immediately draw one beneficial good fortune card and receive two gold, but you receive no sword: the dwarven smith swindles you and escapes with your treasure. Regardless of the consequences, quests are your path to gain victory points and impact the course of events in the Northern Kingdoms. When a player successfully completes three main quests, the game ends and the player with the most victory points wins!

A Fork in the Road

Of course, your quest consists of far more than the main quest. You may choose to search for special materials, or perhaps you’ll seek out training or information not easily available. These concerns make up the side quests associated with your quest. Side quests may require you to visit a specific location, spend additional leads, defeat a monster, or complete some other task. Completing a side quest may take you off the beaten path, but it brings you a few more points, adding to your renown and bringing you closer to victory in The Witcher Adventure Game.

On the Of Dwarven Make quest card, for example, there are two side quests. The first requires you to travel to Dol Blathanna in search of rare oils, while the other asks you to battle a monster to collect its fangs. These side quests can be completed in any order, and whenever you complete one, you gain three victory points.

Although your goal in The Witcher Adventure Game is to prove yourself the most renowned hero of the Continent, you can often benefit yourself by aiding another hero in their quest. Each quest card offers a support quest that you may complete if you’re at the same location as another player. Support quests offer points both to the player completing the support quest and the player who holds the quest, so you’ll need to carefully consider if completing a support quest is worth the benefit it gives to your opponent.

In our example, Geralt’s Of Dwarven Make quest has a support quest that asks the supporting hero to spend three red leads. If Yarpen Zigrin moves to Geralt’s location and spends three red leads, helping Geralt fetch ore from monster-infested mines, Yarpen claims six victory points for completing the support quest, and Geralt receives three victory points. Yarpen claims more victory points than Geralt for the support quest, but when playing the game, you must evaluate the benefits of completing support quests that help a leading player.

Start Your Quest

The quests that await you in the world of The Witcher are your chance to prove yourself the greatest hero in the realm. Join us next week when we examine monsters and the obstacles you may face, and preorder The Witcher Adventure Game at your local retailer today!


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