26 November 2014 | The Witcher Adventure Game

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The Witcher Adventure Game Is Now Available



Sharpen your blades and prepare your spells: The Witcher Adventure Game is now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

Enter the Northern Kingdoms and fight to become the most renowned hero in the realm in The Witcher Adventure Game, a board game of crucial quests and desperate battles in the world of The Witcher. In every game, two to four players take on the roles of iconic characters: Geralt of Rivia, Triss Merigold, Dandelion, or Yarpen Zigrin. Only by completing quests, developing your skills, and battling monsters can you gain the renown you need to establish your name and shape the history of the Northern Kingdoms!

An Epic Journey

In past previews, we’ve explored various aspects of The Witcher Adventure Game. Our first preview focused on the actions that you take each turn, which allow you to experience the world of The Witcher. You’ll need to move to follow your quests, but moving can prove dangerous. You can also choose to develop your character and improve your skills or investigate the land around you, discovering helpful information or suffering deadly setbacks. Evil circumstances may even force you to rest from your travels, taking time to recover from your wounds.

The second preview examined the way you pursue victory. You must complete quests to win The Witcher Adventure Game, using your military might, your knowledge of magic, or your diplomatic aplomb. Of course, a quest is far more complicated than just a simple objective. Side quests give you other opportunities to earn victory points by completing other tasks, such as spending money, traveling the realm, or slaying monsters. Support quests, on the other hand, give you the chance to temporarily work together with your opponents, granting victory points to both players.

We also delved deep into the daunting obstacles that stand in your way as you travel throughout the realm. Monsters spill into the Northern Kingdoms from other spheres, and only the greatest of heroes can dispatch them. While fighting a battle, you must roll the battle dice and your hero dice, attempting to slay the beast while protecting yourself from harm. You must use your resources carefully if you wish to successfully attain both goals. Other ills may also befall you as you journey throughout the land. You may be forced to draw a Foul Fate card, which may cause you to become poisoned, or waylaid by bandits!

Our final two previews explored the four heroes you may play in The Witcher Adventure Game: Geralt the Witcher, Triss the sorceress, Dandelion the bard, and Yarpen the dwarven warrior. Each hero has a distinct style of play and different skills to help him along the way. Geralt, for instance, is a master of combat, whereas Dandelion survives by his wits and his silver tongue. Triss Merigold’s magical skill is unmatched, and Yarpen can command the aid of his dwarven kin. Each of these heroes must complete different quests to achieve victory, making every game of The Witcher Adventure Game unique.

The Adventure Begins

Your quests in the Northern Kingdoms are about to begin! Learn more by downloading the rules for The Witcher Adventure Game from the support page, and watch the game’s video tutorial on YouTube. Gather renown and prepare for an adventure that will shake the world!

Pick up your copy of The Witcher Adventure Game at your local retailer today!

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