13 November 2014 | The Witcher Adventure Game

Secrets Revealed

Watch a Video Overview and Download the Rules for The Witcher Adventure Game


Adventure and renown are yours for the taking in The Witcher Adventure Game! Although danger awaits you on your quests, new secrets of the Northern Kingdoms will be revealed. Today, you have the chance to learn more about every aspect of The Witcher Adventure Game. The learn-to-play booklet (pdf, 3.8MB) and the rules reference guide (pdf, 6MB) are now available for download. In addition, a video overview of The Witcher Adventure Game is now live both on the game’s support page and on YouTube!

Adventure in the World of The Witcher

The Witcher Adventure Game offers you and three friends the chance to step into the Northern Kingdoms and take your place in this history of the Continent. You must compete to complete a series of quests, claiming more glory and fame than any opponent and rising to become the most renowned hero in the world of The Witcher! You’ll find adventure in every corner of the Continent, whether you play as Geralt of Rivia, the titular Witcher; Triss Merigold, the cunning sorceress; Dandelion, the roguish bard; or Yarpen Zigrin, the dwarven warrior.

In our first preview of The Witcher Adventure Game, we took a closer look at the actions that allow you and your opponents to move across the Continent and interact with its people and places. Next, we turned to the quest cards that make up your objectives in this game. Whether you’re recovering treasure from a sunken galleon or gathering materials to forge a new sword, successfully completing these quests grants you the victory points you need to claim victory. Most recently, we explored the various dangers that await you in your journeys. Monsters from other spheres swarm into every part of the Continent, posing a dire threat to the most hardened heroes, and even careful adventurers may meet a foul fate in the dark corners of the world.

New Adventures Await

In addition to this video overview, both the learn-to-play booklet and the rules reference guide are available for download from The Witcher Adventure Game support page, or by clicking the thumbnails above. Download these documents today, and join us in our next preview to explore two of the heroes of The Witcher Adventure Game!

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