31 May 2013 | Elder Sign: Omens

The Dark Pharaoh Rises in Elder Sign: Omens

An All-New Campaign is Now Available As Part of the Version 1.3 Update


“My friend, the renowned Egyptologist Dr. Charles Pratley, had contacted me at the museum in Arkham where the Shining Trapezohedron had been recently placed. Pratley claims that this artifact is the key to unlocking an undiscovered tomb of great historical significance and that I should bring the trapezohedron to Cairo with all deliberate haste and secrecy. Skeptical as I am, Dr. Pratley’s reputation as a scholar is unimpeachable and the chance to uncover secrets from history is an opportunity that cannot be ignored.”

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to announce the release of our biggest update yet for Elder Sign: Omens. Version 1.3 is now available for iPad, iPhone, OS X, and Google Play, and coming soon to the Amazon App Store! Featuring a number of new enhancements, including the option to purchase an all-new three-part campaign, the free version 1.3 update offers even more exciting otherworldly encounters than ever before.

Travel to Egypt to Discover The Dark Pharaoh

Pack your bags and head to Egypt in The Dark Pharaoh, a new three-part campaign available via in-app purchase. The museum in Arkham has recently acquired the Shining Trapezohedron, an artifact of otherworldly origin. Egyptologist Dr. Charles Pratley has reached out to you from the deserts of Egypt, requesting you bring the trapezohedron to him, as he believes it to be the key to unlocking an undiscovered tomb. Intrigued, you agree, and the journey to Egypt begins . . . with the trapezohedron and a team of investigators in tow!

The first stage takes place in Cairo, while you await the arrival of Dr. Pratley. You and your investigators have two days to gather equipment and recruit allies to aid you on your expedition.

Completing adventures in the streets of Cairo helps you gain valuable items and spells, while friendly and helpful new faces may be persuaded to join your team. Allies, new in the Dark Pharaoh campaign, can be recruited by successfully completing adventures with the Ally icon. Once recruited, they will travel with you and provide your team with much needed assistance in exchange for trophies. For example, for the cost of two trophies, Bancroft allows an investigator to ignore locked glyphs and terror effects, while Mirela, the fortune teller, locks a glyph in order to help an investigator complete a task. Eight allies are available for hire, but unfortunately your party only has room for two, so you must recruit selectively.

Once you have geared up and added new allies to your party, Dr. Pratley arrives in Cairo to meet you, and the caravan sets off to the Necropolis of Dahshur, in search of of the pharaoh Nephren-Ka!

Make Your Way Through the Desert

The desert is a harsh, unforgiving landscape for investigators. The beating sun and windswept sands make progress through the dunes difficult, while nasty Nile crocodiles, living mummies and other malignant entities threaten your team in over sixty-five new adventures. The only way to reach Dahshur is to survive the difficult desert conditions and collect six Elder Signs. 

The addition of lingering effects ensures that this will be no easy task. It’s unclear whether it is the strangeness of the desert land as you grow nearer to the Necropolis, or something unsettling emanating from the artifact your team carries with it, but when the clock strikes Midnight, the Mythos effects leave lasting consequences that may render your equipment useless for the remainder of the day.

Should you and your team successfully complete your journey to the Necropolis, your next task is to navigate the darkness and twisting tunnels of the underground maze to locate the tomb of Nephren-Ka. In this third stage of the campaign, you’ll need to locate a total of ten Elder Signs in order to find the Dark Pharaoh. Once your team has obtained these, it is time for the final showdown with the Dark Pharaoh himself! Will you be up to the task? Or will your long and dusty trek end in death and disaster beneath the pyramids of Egypt?

Four new investigators join the hunt for the hidden tomb of the Dark Pharaoh, each with a unique ability to assist with the journey. Daisy Walker, the librarian, fully restores her sanity each time she uses a spell, while Charlie Kane, the politician, takes the “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” approach, and gains two trophies each time he successfully helps another investigator complete an adventure.

Trouble in Arkham

Even if a trip to Egypt isn’t your style, the version 1.3 update offers plenty of free content and enhancements, including a new Ancient One to threaten the safety of the world. Hastur, the King in Yellow, is attempting to take over Arkham — and only you and your team of investigators stand between him and the destruction of the world.

The King in Yellow is hiding somewhere in Arkham’s mysterious museum. Venture through shadowy corridors and strange exhibits as you work to collect the thirteen Elder Signs necessary to seal him away for eternity. Watch out for portals to Other Worlds, because Hastur adds an additional doom token penalty should you fail an adventure. With new adventures and new Hastur Mythos effects, you and your investigators are in for a challenge! Update to version 1.3 and take on Hastur today!

Our Biggest Update Yet!

Version 1.3 includes the option for the in-app purchase of a new campaign, as well as many other updates.

The Dark Pharaoh, an in-app purchase:

  • The Dark Pharaoh campaign, with three stages and multiple endings.
  • All new Ancient One
  • Over 65 new adventures
  • Lingering Effects and Allies
  • 8 New Monsters
  • 4 New Investigators
  • Unlockable Bonus Investigator when you successfully complete the campaign

Even more free updates:

  • Hastur, a new Ancient One
  • The Dark Pharaoh in-app purchase campaign
  • Reorganized menus
  • Texture memory optimizations 
  • Bug fixes and gameplay optimizations

Are you ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime to save humanity? Visit  iTunes, the Mac App Store, and Google Play now, and check the Amazon App Store in the coming days, to download Elder Sign: Omens v1.3!

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