29 October 2015 | Elder Sign: Omens

Horrors for Halloween

Announcing a Sale for Elder Sign: Omens


Explore a haunted museum in the dead of night. Fight uncanny, ravenous monsters. Combat the powerful, terrible Ancient Ones who seek to destroy our world! Just in time for Halloween, the digital game Elder Sign: Omens is on sale!

Starting today, you can download the iOS and Android versions of this popular game for only $0.99. You can find the Mac, PC and Linux versions on Steam. A bundle including all the expansions is only $9.99 as part of the Steam Halloween Sale!

A Game of Otherworldly Horrors

In Elder Sign: Omens, you are charged with investigating the horrors that have taken over the Arkham museum. However terrible they may be, these horrors are merely portents and minions of a far worse evil: an Ancient One whose awakening spells doom for us all. The only way to defeat an Ancient One is by gathering Elder Signs: arcane symbols that possess incredible magical power. 

To accomplish this all-important task, you’ll choose a team of four hardy investigators to enter the museum. Working together, they will scour its darkened exhibits and dusty offices for clues, battle the monsters that lurk among the artifacts, and above all, search for the Elder Signs necessary to triumph over evil. You can play Elder Sign: Omens on your own or collaborate with others via pass-and-play. In-app purchases not only introduce more investigators, assets, and Ancient Ones to the game, but take you on epic campaigns to the Egyptian deserts or the frozen Alaskan wilderness. You can learn more by watching the trailer below. 

No Time to Waste

At this time of year Ghouls and Nightgaunts freely roam, Cultists work their evil magic, and the Ancient Ones restlessly stir in their mysterious lairs. The longer you wait, the closer the Ancient Ones come to awakening and unleashing unspeakable doom upon the world. The fate of the Arkham museum and much, much more depends upon you. There is no time to waste. Act while you still have the chance! 

Download Elder Sign: Omens from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, or Steam today!

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