15 February 2013 | Dust Warfare

Outwit and Outmaneuver Your Local Opponents

Find a Venue for the Dust Warfare Regional Championships


International players: check back soon for a list of venues in your country.

Looking for a place to compete?

With April just around the corner, Fantasy Flight Games is excited for the impending FFG Regional Championship tournament season for Dust Warfare!

These heated competitions are part of FFG’s Organized Play season for 2013, and they are a great way to meet new opponents and friends, hone your skills, and compete for unique prizes. This year, there are more venues hosting Regional Championship events than ever before, with over six hundred tournaments being held worldwide.

Regional Championship competitions are your chance to face off against the local community, win prizes, and earn entry to the FFG World Championship Weekend. Check our full list of Regional Championship Tournament venues to find a participating location near you, then test your mettle against your area’s best players!

Rally Your Forces

The massive VK-fueled engines of destruction from Paolo Parente’s rich world of Dust come to life on the battlefields of Dust Warfare, the intense tabletop miniatures game of alternate 1940s reality World War II combat between Axis, Allied, and SSU forces!

To the victor, the glory! Take on local opponents in this exciting miniatures game and gain the spoils of war for your faction in the Regional Championships. Mighty combat walkers, powerful tanks, brave troops, and devastating aircraft clash in combat on the pocked and pitted battlefield.

The Regional Champion will receive a Gold medal, a case, and free entry to World Championship Weekend. Though there can be only one Champion, doing one’s duty in fighting the enemy can bring its own rewards. Players can win the second place Silver medal, a set of twenty suppression tokens, or a Dust Warfare Regional Championship 2013 set of dog tags.

The Road to World Championship Weekend

These competitions bring the best of the best into our 2013 FFG World Championship Weekend in Roseville, Minnesota, the premiere venue for matching your skills with the greatest players in the world. The winner of each Regional Championship is awarded free access to World Championship Weekend and a first round bye in the competition.

The path to becoming the World Champion of your favorite game begins with the Regional Championship tournaments that will take place all over the world. Our list of official Fantasy Flight Games Regional Championship tournaments is now live, so find a venue to show off your skills, learn some strategies, and make some new friends. Assemble your forces, plan your strategy, and annihilate your enemies in the 2013 Regional Championships for Dust Warfare!

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