22 April 2013 | Dust Warfare

Campaign Book: Icarus Is On Sale Via Download

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While the war over Zverograd continues, the Allies hope to strengthen their position in the area by launching a daring series of raids upon the city’s Axis-controlled airfield. Such a move will pave the way for vital Allied air support, but can the Allies keep the pressure on against an entrenched Axis presence? And what of the SSU forces, who likewise seek to control the region? As the battle heats up, all three blocs must struggle to secure the ground, even as they look to the sky.

Campaign Book: Icarus, a supplement for Dust Warfare, is now available for download through drivethrurpg.com, rpgnow.com, and wargame vault! Campaign Book: Icarus introduces a host of new aerial rules, along with a focus on the airfields of Zverograd. New special abilities like Air Superiority give jets the edge in dogfighting, while new platoon upgrades and a variant battle-builder take the war to new heights!

With stats for recent Allied, Axis, and SSU miniatures, Campaign Book: Icarus’ 48 pages are jam-packed with useful content. The softcover supplement presents details on Zverograd’s crucial airfields, and it features rules for the fearsome new superzombies called Ubertoten, never-before-seen special abilities, and much more.

For players looking for an alternative to the core rulebook’s battle-builder, Campaign Book: Icarus features a variant system that incorporates the game’s new airfield themes. Add conditions like anti-aircraft emplacements that harry incoming enemy jets, or high winds that give helicopter pilots an extra challenge. This, along with new platoon upgrades and rules for Sgt. Victory and Panzerprinz, makes Campaign Book: Icarus a valuable addition to any Dust Warfare player’s library.

A Word from Levi Hill of Dust-War.com

With an overview of favorite new platoon upgrades, here’s a word from Dust Warfare enthusiast Levi Hill of Dust-War.com:

While the new aircraft get all the fame, Campaign Book: Icarus offers Dust Warfare players a whole slew of new options beyond reinforcements. Each faction has been given new platoon upgrades to give players even more options when building their forces, and today I’ll share a few of the highlights. Up first, we have the Allied platoon upgrades:

Close Air Support

Here is one I already touched on in my article about the new Pelican – one that I think will see some use in lists that take a good mix of aircraft and conventional troops. For 10 AP, it enables your aircraft to double the suppression on any target they hit provided they are within 16” of a friendly soldier unit. The potential here is clear – driving up the suppression on enemy units will either force them to retreat or keep them from performing to their fullest. Either one is very useful.

Air Supremacy

Another upgrade I discussed in the article about the Pelican, but one that I think is a simply brilliant means of letting the Allies pack in those aircraft. With this 10 AP upgrade, Allied players should be able to cram in up to four aircraft into a list, which is nigh impossible for the other factions to achieve currently. It does this by allowing an extra Aircraft 2 to be added (though it must be paid for) to a platoon that takes this upgrade and has at least four or more sections.

Up next, the Axis platoon upgrades:

Schwer Armor

Ever wonder what Sigrid would look like in Schwer Armor? How about Manfred? Well, now you can find out, provided you model it up. For 10 AP, you can make any Hero leading a platoon into a Damage Resilient Soldier 3 model, which also means they can join units with like armor. Sigrid with Heavy Flak Grenadiers unleashing a Burst volley with Berserk is just horrifying, for instance.

Click to enlarge.

Der Schwarm

Now this one is a nasty, nasty upgrade. Once per Command phase, a unit with Artillery Strike is issued “Der Schwarm” and is given a Reaction marker, but provided it rolls a Hit, will unleash the weapon line seen above on the opponent on up to two targets (within 6” of one another). That is brutal, but for 20 AP, it should be. The limitation of once per Command phase (per platoon with the upgrade) is another way to ensure it is balanced. Overall, I think this will turn up a lot, especially with the ability to target aircraft.

Finally, we come to the SSU platoon upgrades:

City Fighters

Though only available to Red Platoons led by Red Command squads, this upgrade should still be a common sight on the battlefield. For 10 AP, Soldier units treat all terrain as Hard Cover. This should really help keep the Red horde going as it closes in with the enemy.

  Click to enlarge.

Red Banner

Here is another fantastic upgrade for the SSU. The Command Section and all Soldier units in the upgraded platoon who’s Unit Leaders have line-of-sight to their Command Section’s Unit Leader remove suppression on Blanks. At 15 AP, it isn’t too prohibitive in price and like City Fighters, facilitates the SSU getting its infantry across the table and operating at full capacity.

Thanks Levi! Look for these powerful platoon upgrades, and much more, in Campaign Book: Icarus. It’s available for download today!

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