28 February 2013 | Dust Warfare

The Rules of War Have Changed

Updated Tournament Rules for Dust Warfare Are Now Available


In the alternate history of Dust Warfare, the struggle for supremacy is constantly in flux, and only by arming yourself with the proper intel can you hope to best your opponents. Lead developer Zach Tewalthomas and the rest of the Dust Warfare team have been hard at work refining the tournament rules for the 2013 Regional Championship Season, and Zach took some time to offer his thoughts on the updated rules.

A Word from the Developer

The Dust Warfare team is proud to announce the updated tournament rules for the 2013 Regional Championships! The procedural guidelines have remained very much the same as last year, with some minor changes for clarity. However, the big update this year comes in the form of a streamlined new tournament Battle Builder!

The updated Battle Builder will force some tough decisions on players as they consider the best placement of their Scenario points. A close-combat-focused army may want to put points into Deployment, bypassing "The Long March" to bridge the gap between its enemies, but push too far and aircraft will have the advantage in "Contested Drop Zone." Similarly, a vehicle-heavy army will want points in Conditions to keep "Snow" from reducing its effective range when targeting Soldier units, but push too far here and a severe "Cold Snap" will threaten to grind its vehicles to a halt! Finally, a variety of carefully considered Objectives will keep opponents fighting to the bitter end. 

There's no time like the present to get into the game. Battle your way to the Dust Warfare World Championships or simply host a tourney among friends with this year's official Dust Warfare Tournament Rules!

Thanks Zach! The updated tournament rules for Dust Warfare (pdf, 3.1 MB) are available on the game’s support page, so learn the ropes and prepare for battle at a Regional Championship near you!

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