14 August 2012 | Dust Warfare

UPDATED: Exploding onto the Scene

Announcing the AP Limit for the Dust Warfare North American Championship


UPDATE: If you're participating in the upcoming Dust Warfare North American Championship at Gen Con 2012, be aware that the official Army Point Limit is 300.

Dust Warfare is arriving to Gen Con Indy 2012 with the thunderous boom of cannon fire from hulking combat walkers! This year, amid the staccato reports of rifle fire and the bone-chilling growls of Axis gorillas, Gen Con Indy plays host to the first ever Dust Warfare North American Championship tournament.

After Gen Con Indy, fans can enjoy more Dust Warfare Organized Play opportunities as they prepare their armies for the intense battles of the Dust Warfare World Championships, scheduled to take place November 9th – 12th during the FFG World Championship Weekend, in Roseville, MN. The FFG World Championship Weekend is a hallmark event for Fantasy Flight Games, marking a forward leap in our Organized Play, and we have secured extra space in the same building as the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center, ensuring room and tables for all participants.

You’ve got the Core Rulebook, and you’ve got your army. Now get ready for battle! Dust Warfare Organized Play opens with a bang at Gen Con Indy 2012.

Another Earth. A different 1947. The Second World War has raged for nearly a decade and its grip has spread to every continent on the planet. Entire nations have been stamped out, whole peoples subjugated, and great cities beaten flat by the titanic conflicts unleashed across the globe. Three monolithic power blocs have emerged from the threats, machinations, and conquests.

Allied, Axis, and SSU armies are all legal for the Dust Warfare North American Championship tournament. Registration opens Saturday, August 18th at 10 am, and the action gets underway by 11 am!

All the information you need to know about attending a Dust Warfare tournament is available in the Dust Warfare Tournament Rules document (pdf, 3.1 MB), which you can download here or as a low-res version available on the game’s support page. SSU armies and the newest Axis and Allied forces will be playable soon with the upcoming release of Campaign Book "Zverograd."

The Future of Dust Warfare Organized Play

Dust Warfare Organized Play kicks into high gear with the North American Championships at Gen Con Indy, but the foundation of Organized Play is the local Game Night. There’s nothing more important to Dust Warfare Organized Play than your involvement with the game with your local friends and retailer.

To support your local community, Fantasy Flight Games is making Dust Warfare Game Night Kits available to retailers, starting this July. If you’re a retailer, these kits can help you bring players into your store to see what this game and its stunning miniatures are all about. If you’re a player, you can encourage your favorite local retailer to contact FFG and order a kit. Each Game Night Kit comes with promotional materials to draw attention to Dust Warfare and unique items to distribute among participants and incentivize further play.

While you’re learning the best tactical uses for your squad and walkers, Game Night Kits can help you bring players to league nights or local tournaments.

The World Championships

Once you’ve gotten a taste of the action at the North American Championship tournament or during local Game Nights, you can start marshaling your forces for the Dust Warfare World Championships!

Players from across the world will gather this November 9th – 12th in Roseville, MN at the FFG Event Center to compete in the Dust Warfare World Championships. You’ll need skill, strategy, and a strong army in order to win the day. Download the Dust Warfare Tournament Rules document now (pdf, 3.1 MB), and prepare for a weekend of warfare that is sure to test your mettle. When the dust clears, only one general can claim the title of Dust Warfare World Champion.

And then…what’s better than conquest on the field of battle? The Dust Warfare World Champion wins the opportunity to work with Paolo Parente and the developers to design a miniature for the game! Furthermore, Paolo Parente and Vincent Fontaine will provide the winner with a custom, painted, one-of-a-kind version of the miniature he designs!

Join the Battle

Rally your troops, and join the action with Dust Warfare Organized Play. Practice with your friends, fine-tune your army and strategy, and then join us at Gen Con Indy for the North American Championship tournament and again, in November, for the Dust Warfare World Championships!

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