14 August 2012 | Dust Warfare

Campaign Book Zverograd Is on Sale Via Download

Download This Dust Warfare Supplement, and Bring the SSU to Your Battles


Campaign Book Zverograd, the first ever supplement for Dust Warfare, is now on sale via download at wargamevault.com! Inside this book, commanders will find a description of the SSU’s history, a platoon list to compose SSU armies, and rules for an exciting campaign set in the doomed city of Zverograd.

The Red Army Rises

The Sino-Soviet Union is engaged in multiple conflicts all over the globe, and no other faction has suffered as many losses. Nevertheless they persevere, seeking vengeance on the enemies that inflicted so much pain. Their power is on the rise, and to showcase their increasing power, the glowing city of Zverograd was founded. Intended to be the crown jewel of the SSU, the city was soon engulfed in war as the Axis and Allies heard rumors of a powerful secret buried under the city’s streets. Now, all three major factions continuously clash, attempting to gain control over the city.

Inside Campaign Book Zverograd, players will find the first SSU platoon list, which allows generals to build unstoppable forces containing everything from versatile SSU Rifle Squads to rugged KV47 walkers and swift Airborne Transports. Assemble an army of choice units, and crush your enemies on your way to victory. Not to be outdone, this section of the book also contains entries for new Axis and Allied units that can be used to combat the SSU threat.

A Brutal Campaign

Looking for long-term battles? Play out the defense of Zverograd in the campaign section. Over a series of battles, you’ll experience the tense conflict for the valuable secrets contained within the city. With all three factions vying for control of the secret treasure, only one army can be victorious. Can you protect the doomed city, or will you conquer it? In this full Dust Warfare campaign, you can decide the fate of Zverograd.

The SSU has invaded store shelves, and with the Campaign Book Zverograd, you can take control of this mighty army. Download your copy from wargamevault.com, and defend the Motherland!

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