18 May 2012 | Dust Warfare

Reports from the Trenches

The New Dust Warfare FAQ is Now Available for Download


“No plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force.”     –Helmuth von Moltke the Elder

It is 1947, and an alternate World War II rages on tabletops everywhere! Fans of Dust Warfare have stormed the beaches, charged past artillery fire, and dug their trenches across the world as this fast-paced game has exploded onto the market.

Now, all the extra eyes on the battlefields have helped the generals to identify where the game could use greater clarity or a new plan of attack. Accordingly, the developers of Dust Warfare have responded by developing the Dust Warfare FAQ Version 1.0 (pdf, 14.0 MB), which is now available for download here and on the game’s support page.

Lead developer Mack Martin explains the design team’s goals in creating the document.

Keeping A Cool Head in the Heat of Battle

The battlefield can be a confusing place. A soldier’s orders aren’t always clear, and when the enemy rushes your line, it’s important to keep a good head on your shoulders.

Responding to player feedback, the Dust Warfare design team has produced the Dust Warfare FAQ to address the questions we see most frequently, and to correct a few issues that have come to light.

Players will find most changes fairly intuitive. Move characteristics for Rhino and Ozz have been increased to the level they were always meant to share (they have rockets strapped to their backs after all!), and the Recon Ranger Squad and Heavy Ranger Attack Squad are now listed with the same number of weapons as are present on the figures.

The FAQ also clarifies some of the game’s trickier situations. While many of these are rare, they can still arise during games, and we have gathered enough questions about them from a wide enough variety of sources that we feel they deserve official responses.

In addition, the Dust Warfare design team has also put together unit reference sheets for both the Axis and the Allies. These handy reference tools include the errata and are designed to make the fast and strategic gameplay of Dust Warfare even more immediate and engaging!

    –Mack Martin, Dust Warfare lead developer

Thanks, Mack!

Visit the Dust Warfare support page to download the Dust Warfare FAQ Version 1.0 (pdf, 14.0 MB), the Axis and Allies Unit Reference Sheets, and other helpful materials.

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