14 May 2012 | Dust Warfare

Lead the Troops to Victory!

The Dust Warfare Core Rulebook Is Now Available for Sale via Download


From the besieged ports of southern England to the frozen wastes of Antarctica, Axis and Allied forces war for the fate of the world. Powerful alien technology and heroic commanders redefine the key battles of World War II in the alternate reality of Dust Warfare. As the global conflict reaches a fever pitch, one brilliant general may decide the war. Will that be you? Heed the call, rally the troops, and delivery your side to victory!

The Dust Warfare: Core Rulebook is now available for online purchase from wargamevault.com! Pick up your copy and lead your army to glory on the battlefield.

Fast-paced Strategic Combat

Inside the Dust Warfare: Core Rulebook, you'll find innovative and dynamic rules for engagement. The game’s mechanics keep players engaged throughout the entire turn sequence, starting with the critical Command phase, in which commanders can order their soldiers to attack or move before the enemy can respond. During the Unit phase, the heart of the game, units can not only make move and attack actions, but they can also respond to the actions of your opponent. Furthermore, unique mechanics like suppression keep foes at bay as you shower them in bullets and exercise your tactical will.

Also inside the Core Rulebook, you'll find the army lists for the Axis and Allies. These documents allow you flexibility when mustering your men. Simply choose a platoon type, Command section, and units, and you'll have a fighting force. For further customization, Platoon Upgrades give your troops access to artillery support, additional equipment, and more.

The innovative Battle Builder makes selecting a scenario a strategic part of the game. Using Scenario Points, each player can influence battlefield conditions, objectives, and deployment. For more narrative games, the campaign scenarios provide special rules like Night Engagements and Secret Missions. You can even weave these tense scenarios together to create your own campaign.

The fate of the world is to be decided on the battlefield, and it's up to you to lead the troops into battle and secure victory! Head to wargamevault.com at once to snag your copy of the Dust Warfare: Core Rulebook.

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