19 April 2012 | Dust Warfare

Two Great Games, One Set of Miniatures

A guide to miniatures for Dust Warfare and Dust Tactics


With yesterday's release of the highly anticipated Dust Warfare: Core Rulebook, we wanted to give you a brief primer covering our broad range of miniatures. To aid in your army building endeavors, here are some helpful reminders about Dust Warfare.

In Dust Warfare, you’ll build and customize an army and lead them in engaging and interactive tabletop battles. Hand-select your forces for each engagement, and deploy them in intense missions that test your skill as a field commander. With its flexible rules, you can react to your opponent’s movements or attacks by interrupting his turn, or use a torrent of bullets to keep your opponent suppressed while you press your attack. Feign assaults, outsmart the enemy, and lure him into exposing his plans, all as you pave a path to victory.

Where can I find Dust Warfare miniatures?

Dust Warfare uses the same miniatures as Dust Tactics. You can find the Dust Tactics miniatures at your local retailer, or you can also find them on the Dust Tactics website.

To clarify, all of our Dust miniatures are packaged in boxes labelled with the Dust Tactics logo. Rest assured, though, you can annihilate your foes in Dust Warfare with any Dust Tactics unit expansion.

Laser Grenadiers for use in Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare. Notice the Dust Tactics logo on the side and top of the packaging.

What are the features of Dust Tactics miniatures?

Fantasy Flight Games offers Dust Tactics miniatures in two lines: the Dust Tactics line and the Dust Tactics Premium line. Depending on your preferences, one of these lines perfectly suits your gaming needs.

When you purchase an expansion from the Dust Tactics line, you'll receive pre-assembled, pre-primed miniatures. These hassle-free miniatures are ready to march into battle right out of the box.

Dust Tactics "The Boss" Ranger Command Squad Dust Tactics Premium "The Boss" Ranger Command Squad

If you prefer, you can paint your new troops using your own personal paint scheme. Since the miniatures are already primed and assembled, you can start painting immediately. 

The Dust Tactics miniatures are what you'll find on your friendly local game store's shelves or through our Dust Tactics website.

If you are interested in fielding a professionally painted army, we offer those miniatures in our Dust Tactics Premium line.

What are Dust Tactics Premium miniatures?

Also for use in Dust Warfare, the Dust Tactics Premium line takes the already stunning Dust Tactics line to a whole new level. Every one of these attractive miniatures is professionally painted, matching the standard you'll see in the Dust Warfare: Core Rulebook. Unprecedented in the industry, these fine miniatures look truly remarkable on the battlefield.

These miniatures are produced at a level of quality not feasible for mass production, so ask your retailer about special ordering Dust Tactics Premium expansions. You'll also find the entire Dust Tactics Premium line under the product tab of the Dust Tactics Premium site. Here you can quickly get all of the reinforcements your army needs.

A versatile line of miniatures

Remember, both the Dust Tactics and Dust Tactics Premium lines of miniatures are compatible with Dust Warfare, so you can field your armies in either exciting game! Grow your forces for two games every time you add an expansion.

Left: Dust Tactics "Pounder" Medium Assault Walker Right: Dust Tactics Premium "Pounder" Medium Assault Walker

The Dust Warfare: Core Rulebook is now available at your local retailer or our webstore. Get your copy of the rulebook and start organizing your forces. In the meantime, check back for more Dust Warfare coverage.

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