21 December 2012 | Dust Warfare

Fight the Battle for Zverograd Wherever You Go

Campaign Book: Hades is Available as a PDF


Campaign Book: Hades is now available as a watermarked pdf on rpgnow.com and drivethrurpg.com! A few weeks ago, we announced the availability of Campaign Book: Hades for Dust Warfare. Now we’re happy to announce that you can bring the battle for Zverograd with you on your tablet or laptop, and never be caught without the vital statistics and valuable intel featured in Campaign Book: Hades.

The Soviet city of Zverograd remains a hotly contested tactical asset. Valuable alien ruins are buried deep beneath the city, and the Axis, Allies, and SSU are all looking for any edge in this drawn-out confrontation.

Each faction has a host of new forces and features to bring to bear in the battle for the city. Power up devastating Tesla weapons, utilize new special abilities like “Flight” and “Supercharged”, and explore new locations in and around war-torn Zverograd with this new pdf format!

Superhumans and an Epic Campaign

Included in Campaign Book: Hades is the Hades Campaign, a large-scale and multi-round battle scenario designed for six to twelve players and featuring all three factions. Fight for the fate of Zverograd over the course of several play sessions, and see which faction can ultimately win control of the beleaguered and besieged city.

Campaign Book: Hades also features a new way to determine the Objectives, Deployment, and Conditions in a brand new Battle Builder created especially for the Hades Campaign. Attack Missions and Patrol Missions change the way that Scenario Points are allocated, and add an element of surprise to your strategy.

Finally, this new book brings the first superhuman to the battles of Dust Warfare: Winter Child. Meet Colonel Ivan Vasiliev, a flying, one-man fortress whose radiation beam and hydraulic fists will smash the SSU’s enemies in any confrontation. Superhumans like Winter Child are such a powerful presence in battle that only one superhuman unit can be fielded per army.

Campaign Book: Hades brings more scenarios, units, and features to the miniatures battles of Dust Warfare, and the new pdf format makes it easier than ever to bring your battle plans with you wherever the conflict carries you.

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