14 December 2012 | Dust Warfare

Drum Up New Recruits for Zverograd

Retailers, Support Your Players with Game Night Kits for Dust Warfare


Retailers: Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce new Game Night Kits for Dust Warfare!

Support your local player community and boost interest in Dust Warfare with prizes from the Campaign Book: Hades themed Dust Warfare Game Night Kit!

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What’s a Game Night Kit? How Do I Use a Game Night Kit? How Do I Order My Game Night Kit?

The clash of powers in the alternate WWII world of Dust Warfare continues as the Axis, Allies, and SSU fight for dominance.

With the release of Campaign Book: Hades, the “RattenKrieg,” or “Rats’ War,” has spilled out of the metro lines and sewers, and into the streets of Soviet Zverograd. All three factions can vie for control of the alien ruins buried deep beneath Zverograd in the new 6-12 player Hades Campaign. The SSU have brought a new power into play and take the war to the Axis and Allies with Winter Child, the first of the superhumans. SSU pins can be used to mark those stout leaders who brave the Soviet landscape, and a medal engraved with the symbol of the “Rats’ War” may mark the victor that makes the best tactical use of the warren of tunnels beneath the city.

The Spoils of War

Each Season One 2013 Dust Warfare Game Night Kit includes:

  • A promotional Game Night poster for Dust Warfare
  • Nine SSU cloisonne pins*
  • One medal with the Hades’ Campaign’s “RattenKrieg” symbol

*The ninth SSU cloisonne pin is intended as a reward for the Game Night event organizer.

Players: Suggest Game Nights to Your Local Retailer

If you’re a fan of Dust Warfare, you can do your part by telling your favorite local game store about our Dust Warfare Season One 2013 Game Night Kits.

If you’re bound and determined to bring home the bounties that Organized Play offers, then here are some other ways you can help promote Game Nights for Dust Warfare:

  • Encourage your friends to join you and play at your favorite local game store
  • Ask your favorite local game store if you can post a sign-up sheet
  • Offer to run a demo day
  • Volunteer your services as an event organizer

These prizes are all unique to the Season One 2013 Game Night Kits, so be sure to speak to your local retailer about hosting Game Nights for Dust Warfare!

Retailers: Check Back January 14th, 2013

We recently posted our Organized Play calendar of events 2013 (pdf, 1.2 MB), and the first day to order our Season One 2013 Game Night Kits is January 14. Check back then to be among the first retailers to order the Season One 2013 Dust Warfare Game Night Kits!

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