17 October 2012 | Dust Warfare

Campaign Book: Icarus

Announcing an Upcoming Supplement for Dust Warfare


While the war over Zverograd continues, the Allies hope to strengthen their position in the area by launching a daring series of raids upon the city’s Axis-controlled airfield. Such a move will pave the way for vital Allied air support, but can the Allies keep the pressure on against an entrenched Axis presence? And what of the SSU forces, who likewise seek to control the region? As the battle heats up, all three blocs must struggle to secure the ground, even as they look to the sky.

Not Final Cover Art

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Campaign Book: Icarus, a supplement for Dust Warfare! Campaign Book: Icarus introduces a host of new aerial rules, along with a focus on the airfields of Zverograd. New special abilities like Air Superiority give jets the edge in dogfighting, while new platoon upgrades and a variant battle-builder take the war to new heights!

By Ground or Air

With stats for recently announced Allied, Axis, and SSU miniatures, Campaign Book: Icarus’ 48 pages are jam-packed with useful content. The softcover supplement presents details on Zverograd’s crucial airfields, and it features rules for the fearsome new superzombies called Ubertoten, never-before-seen special abilities, and much more.

For players looking for an alternative to the core rulebook’s battle-builder, Campaign Book: Icarus features a variant system that incorporates the game’s new airfield themes. Add conditions like anti-aircraft emplacements that harry incoming enemy jets, or high winds that give helicopter pilots an extra challenge. This, along with new platoon upgrades and rules for Sgt. Victory and Panzerprinz, makes Campaign Book: Icarus a valuable addition to any Dust Warfare player’s library.

Get ready to fight for the skies above Zverograd! Campaign Book: Icarus is coming in early 2013.

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