15 October 2012 | Dust Warfare

Keep a Clear Head

An Updated Dust Warfare FAQ Is Now Online


In response to player feedback after the release of Campaign Book: Zverograd, the Dust Warfare team has produced an updated Dust Warfare FAQ (pdf, 2.9 MB). In this update, we provide answers to the questions we've seen most frequently since Zverograd's release, and correct some issues with the campaign book that have come to our attention.

Most of the corrections we've made are pretty intuitive. All helicopters have been given the Hover special ability, VIP units in the three-player scenario "Standoff" are now required to enter play as soon as possible, and the rules for attacking targets with Bomb weapons have been clarified. In addition, Nikolaï’s Take Aim special ability is now listed as a Pilot ability. This increases his lethality while piloting a Vehicle unit, and more closely complements his history of being a legendary tank commander.

Dust Warfare FAQ (low-res pdf, 2.9 MB)Dust Warfare FAQ (high-res pdf, 17.4 MB)

Other updates to the FAQ clarify rules regarding Vehicle Overruns and Fighting Spirit, and explain the difference between shared abilities and Pilot abilities. Additionally, the mechanics behind Reload weapons and Out of Ammo markers receive some special attention.

In the war-torn city of Zverograd, knowing your options and knowing your enemy is more important than ever. Keep a clear head on your shoulders with the updated Dust Warfare FAQ!

-The Dust Warfare Team

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