12 October 2012 | Elder Sign: Omens

The Trail of Ithaqua Comes to Android

Download the Elder Sign: Omens Expansion From Google Play


The Trail of Ithaqua is now available on Google Play! The iOS and OS X releases of the expansion to Elder Sign: Omens have been released over the past few days, and we’re excited to add Android to the list of available platforms for this thrilling new two-stage campaign.

The Trail of Ithaqua begins its story with a mysterious statue and a cry for help from Dr. Ashley Lott, an archeologist. Dr. Lott is fleeing from some terrible malevolence that has plagued her arctic expedition ever since they uncovered the ivory figurine. She desperately needs help, and has managed to send the idol to the museum with her note. Now that horrible force has focused its attention on the idol’s newest owner: You!

Players must defend the museum from these invaders while stocking up on supplies to be used on a mission to discover the fate of Dr. Lott. This first phase of the game has no Elder Signs, having replaced these powerful sigils with the supplies needed for survival in the frigid wilderness. Make sure you’ve stocked up on enough supplies, and then strike out for the hoary plains of Alaska.

Survive the Wilds of Alaska

Each turn, the supplies that the investigators brought to Alaska are reduced by one, so work fast to gather Elder Signs in order to advance the plot. Twenty-five new adventures and ten new monsters await players as the investigators strive to uncover the mystery surrounding Dr. Lott’s expedition. If you think you have what it takes to brave the fierce and frozen north, then download The Trail of Ithaqua for your Android device today!

In addition to access to the in-app purchase for The Trail of Ithaqua, the version 1.2 update features a range of free content. The version 1.2 update includes a new Ancient One, Tsathoggua, as well as tweaks and Android-specific performance enhancements to the base game. Visit Google Play to download Elder Sign: Omens, face Tsathoggua, and attempt The Trail of Ithaqua!

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