11 October 2012 | Elder Sign: Omens

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Elder Sign: Omens has received a great response in the Steam Greenlight program, but we still need your votes! Steam is a leader in the digital distribution of games for both PC and Mac, and its “Greenlight” program is the online, public voting system that helps shape its catalog. Fantasy Flight Games wants to make the terror and excitement of Elder Sign: Omens available for your Steam library. If you haven’t voted yet, head over to Steam Greenlight and cast your vote for this thrilling experience to be brought to Steam!

Elder Sign: Omens is based on the popular dice game by Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson. Players assemble a team of investigators and use randomly generated glyphs to complete adventures and slay horrific monsters in order to collect Elder Signs. Collect enough Elder Signs, and you can seal away the dreaded Ancient One, whose awakening draws closer with each passing turn.

Elder Sign: Omens is currently available on iOS, OS X, and Google Play, bringing the thrill of eldritch investigation to most mobile and Mac devices. We’re very excited about the response we’ve seen so far, and we want to keep the momentum going. Go vote for Elder Sign: Omens to be brought to Steam!

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