10 October 2012 | Elder Sign: Omens

The Trail of Ithaqua Is Now on OS X

Play the New Expansion for Elder Sign: Omens on Your Mac


Yesterday, we announced that The Trail of Ithaqua, an expansion for Elder Sign: Omens, is available on iOS. Today, we’re pleased to announce that it’s also available on OS X! Head to the Mac App Store to download Elder: Sign Omens and the version 1.2 update, and if you’re an Android user, check back soon!

The Trail of Ithaqua is a new, two-stage campaign that sends your investigators on a rescue mission to the frozen north. A group of archeologists has found themselves cornered after being relentlessly pursued by a malevolent force. The leader of the expedition, Dr. Ashley Lott, has managed send a small idol along with a desperate plea for help. Gather supplies in the museum as you fight off invaders trying to secure the idol. Make sure your supplies are adequate, as your stores will dwindle with each turn. Set out for Alaska in the second half of the campaign to discover the fate of your lost colleague. With twenty-five new adventures, ten new monsters, and all new mechanics adding to the tension and terror, The Trail of Ithaqua will test your mettle in the frozen wilderness.

Even if you choose not to set out on The Trail of Ithaqua, new, free content awaits you in the version 1.2 update. A new Ancient One, Tsathoggua, is slowly draining the life out of the city of Arkham, bringing new monsters, plus new Mythos and entrance effects. Version 1.2 also introduces a Monster Log feature, layout enhancements, and minor bug fixes that improve the overall game experience.

The deadly Tsathoggua and the thrilling expedition of The Trail of Ithaqua are now available on both the Mac App Store and the App Store for Mac and iOS devices. The Android version is coming to Google Play soon! For more detailed information on this expansion, check out yesterday’s announcement article.


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