19 October 2011 | Elder Sign: Omens

A Traveling Exhibit

Announcing Elder Sign: Omens, an application for your digital device


Then suddenly he began trying to keep the hideous images he had formerly been trying to banish. He tried to keep them because they were giving place to still more hideous ones. In spite of himself his memory began reconstructing the utterly non-human blasphemies that lurked in the obscurer corners, and these lumpish hybrid growths oozed and wriggled toward him as though hunting him down in a circle. Black Tsathoggua moulded itself from a toad-like gargoyle to a long, sinuous line with hundreds of rudimentary feet, and a lean, rubbery night-gaunt spread its wings as if to advance and smother the watcher.       – H. P. Lovecraft and Hazel Heald, The Horror in the Museum

Unfathomable horrors are entering our world, using a museum’s long-forgotten relics as focal points for their dark plots. Can you gather the ancient weapons necessary to send them back to the abyss from whence they came?

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Elder Sign: Omens, a digital game for your iOS, Mac OS X, and Android device! Approximating the popular dice game’s addictive experience in a portable new medium, Elder Sign: Omens ensures that there’s no escaping the horrors of the Ancient Ones.

The beta version of this exciting new application was unveiled at last weekend’s Arkham Nights convention, where attendees commented on its sharp, detailed graphics. FFG staff was on hand to help with the basics of the application, but after just a couple of turns, Omens’ intuitive interface had players solving tasks and vanquishing monsters on their own!

Even special guest Richard Launius stopped by for a quick demo... but ended up playing Elder Sign: Omens for nearly two hours, reluctantly setting our iPad aside only when his seminar schedule finally demanded it.

A familiar challenge, and all-new experience

Elder Sign: Omens allows players to build the perfect team of up to four intrepid investigators as they work to prevent the emergence of Azathoth, the demon god of the unnamable void. His arrival will surely spell the end of human existence, but if you can use your investigators’ skills wisely, you’ll stave off destruction. All sixteen of Elder Sign’s unique investigators stand ready to face these otherworldly horrors; control any number of them in your own solo game, or “pass and play” with your friends!

But while Elder Sign: Omens brilliantly conveys the spirit of the Elder Sign dice game, a few noteworthy differences were adopted to optimize the mobile play experience:

  • Arguably the most powerful Ancient One in Lovecraft’s Mythos, Azathoth’s awesome power is indisputable. This infinitely destructive deity is therefore the focal point of Elder Sign: Omens, and the only available Ancient One.
  • A number of subtle changes increase the peril of defending humanity. For example, the random negative effects drawn every midnight are more challenging, and the frequency of “no effect” results has been decreased. Monsters have likewise been altered to make them more difficult.
  • Finally, there are no Ally cards in Elder Sign: Omens, which further streamlines play while increasing the overall challenge.

Want to see the results in action? Click the link below to view the first installment of Elder Sign: Omens’ in-game instructional guide. The first of four videos accessible within the application, this short overview presents the basics of Elder Sign: Omens.

A Gate is Opening

Can you stand against the impending arrival of Azathoth? Keep checking back for more, and look for Elder Sign: Omens on the App Store, Mac App Store, and Android Marketplace in the coming weeks.


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