Welcome to the Raxxon Crisis Management Unit!

The infected have breached your city and are spreading quickly. Your team is tasked with evacuating the city before it’s completely overrun and getting the healthy population to the evacuation point before it’s too late.

Face the undead outbreak head-on in Raxxon, a cooperative board game of tactical evacuation and crisis management for one to four players. You and your fellow players embody the city leaders working desperately to help the healthy population reach safety, while keeping the infected in quarantine. But time is running out, and although Raxxon Pharmaceutical denies any involvement in the outbreak, they’re becoming more powerful by the day, and they may seize any opportunity to take control…

Evacuation Protocols

As the civic and federal leaders of your city, it’s your responsibility to evacuate the healthy and get them to safety, while pushing the infected into quarantine. The crowd that gathers at your checkpoint each day is represented by a grid of cards, and to win, you need to get every healthy card into the evacuation pile. But the infection is spreading rapidly, and if too many infected overrun the city, or if Raxxon takes over before the population can escape, you and the other players face certain defeat.

At the beginning of each day, a new crowd is created with a facedown grid of population cards. Mixed in among this crowd, you’ll find healthy and infected, but not all healthy or infected are created equal. Carriers have the potential to spread the infection, hostile civilians may resist your efforts to help them, and you’ll face terrible consequences if any innocents are hurt in the seething press of humanity.

On your turn, you can take any of the actions available to your character—you might investigate the crowd to flip a population card faceup, evacuate healthy cards from the city, move faceup infected cards into temporary quarantine, or exercise crowd control to swap the position of cards in the crowd. However, whenever you take an action, you must place an action token on your character sheet. Then, the next time you take an action on your turn, you’ll have to suffer the consequences next to each action token on your character sheet.

For example, you may be playing as Thomas Heart as shown above, and you’ve already taken three actions on previous turns. At the start of your next turn, you must suffer the consequences by each of these actions, or pass your turn, which means you’ll have no more chances to act for the rest of the day.

Some consequences may be relatively benign, or even helpful, such as adding new cards to the crowd or letting you investigate someone in the crowd to turn their card faceup. However, other consequences may put you face to face with the deadly Raxxon cards, and every Raxxon card asks you to make a difficult choice. Will you take advantage of the unique resources that Raxxon offers, even if they give the corporation more power? Or will you push forward alone, and risk succumbing to a sea of undead infected?

Escape the City

The zombie apocalypse is here, and your city is falling into chaos. You have a duty to help whoever you can and get them out of the city in time. Save the innocent people of your city in Raxxon!

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