28 February 2020 | Dead of Winter

Fight For Survival

Fantasy Flight Games Acquires the Rights to Dead of Winter


Join the epic struggle for power and survival. Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce that Dead of Winter is joining our catalog!

As of February 19, 2020, Plaid Hat Games founder and Head of Studio Colby Dauch has reached an agreement with the Asmodee Group to reacquire the independent rights to the Plaid Hat Games brand and the publications rights to many—but not all—of Plaid Hat's current and past titles. As part of this agreement, Fantasy Flight Games will publish and support Dead of Winter and Raxxon

Build Your Colony

Set in an apocalyptic world overrun by the undead, Dead of Winter casts players as survivors who must work together to fight off outside threats, resolve crises, and scrounge for food and supplies as they attempt to make it through a harsh winter. In addition to dealing with outside threats, players must also fulfill their own psychological imperatives, which are often at odds with the rest of the colony. To balance these conflicting goals, Dead of Winter has players making frequent, difficult, heavily-thematic decisions that weaves a new epic story every time it is played.

Meanwhile, Raxxon takes you to the very beginning of the zombie apocalypse where your team is tasked with evacuating the city before it's completely overrun by the infected. As you struggled to evacuate the healthy population, you'll be paired with officials from Raxxon Pharmaceuticals. Raxxon's ample resources are necessary, but can they be trusted?  

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