Ingenious Challenges

Have you trained your brain lately?

Ingenious is a name well-known by board game enthusiasts. Designed by Reiner Knizia, the Ingenious board game is a challenging way for one to four players to test their mental dexterity by strategically matching colors and shapes. It is a simple, elegant, and perplexing challenge beloved by many. Now you can enjoy three brand new challenges in the same vein as Ingenious!

Ingenious Challenges is the newest addition the Ingenious family, featuring three unique games that are sure to exercise your mind. Dare your friends to match wits with you in all three challenges and see who emerges victorious. Fan of Ingenious will find familiar footing with Ingenious Challenges, and yet the games are so easy to learn that even new players will be shouting “Ingenious!” in no time.

Balanced Scoring

In Ingenious fashion, Ingenious Challenges does not award players for scoring the most of one symbol. Instead, players are penalized for not scoring each of the symbols equally. The score boards in Ingenious Challenges are broken up into four columns and players can only cross into new columns when their lowest score peg moves from the lowest column. Players need to spread their focus and score each of the symbols evenly if they hope shout “Ingenious!”

The Card Challenge

Strategically outmaneuver your opponents in the Card Challenge by knowing when to score and knowing when to block your opponents from scoring. Players are dealt six cards, each with two different symbols on them. These cards can be played to match the faceup cards in front of each player, scoring points for any matching symbols.

The card that was just played is left in front of the player as a new way for opponents to score. Watch the score boards and don’t give your opponents any free points off symbols they need!

The Dice Challenge

Tempt fate with the Dice Challenge! Each player has a pool of custom six-sided dice with a different symbol on each side. Players have three rolls to match as many symbols as they can on their dice with the symbols on their opponent’s dice. For each of your opponents’ dice that match one of yours, score a point for the appropriate symbol. If a player rolls matching symbols on their own dice, they can spend them as a wild to score a symbol of their choice!

The Tile Challenge

Press your luck with the Tile Challenge! You and your opponents draw tiles randomly, hoping to match their symbols with the symbols in the middle of the table. If you draw a symbol that does not match, your turn is over. If you draw a symbol that matches one of your previously drawn tiles, your turn is over. The only way you can advance your turn is if you draw a tile with a symbol that matches one of the tiles in the center of the table. Then you can choose to score or draw another tile. But be careful! If you draw the wrong tile, you don’t score and your turn is over. Are you feeling lucky?

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30 – 45 minutes

2 – 4 players

Ages 10+




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