Ingenious is a board game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. Ingenious combines simple rules with subtle strategy for a game that the whole family will enjoy!Brought to you by renowned game designer Reiner Knizia, Ingenious was a nominee for the 2004 Spiele des Jahres (German Game of the Year) and was a 2005 Mensa Select winner.

Easy to LearnOn each turn players will place tiles on the board, matching at least one symbol, dominoes-style, and scoring points depending on how many more of that symbol are in a straight line in every direction from the tile just placed.As only one symbol needs to match when you place a new tile, you can place tiles to block other players and prevent them from scoring, while you score points yourself!Difficult to MasterWhenever you place a tile on the board, you score points for each matching symbol in a straight line radiating out from the tile you just placed. You will score points for either or both symbols on the tile and each symbol scores in an individual column. When one of your scores in any of the six columns reaches 18 points you say "Ingenious!" and take another turn. Ingenious comes with a very important twist: just as history judges us by our worst trait, at the end of the game, players compare their lowest scoring column. Whoever has the highest low number wins!The strategy of Ingenious is to score in each symbol as evenly as you can, and not leave any column too far behind any other. It's harder than it sounds, but once you master it, you will truly be ingenious!Different Ways to PlayTwo to four players can play head to head, but you can also play Ingenious as two two-player teams. You can also try to top your own highest score by playing solitaire Ingenious.

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New for 2010

Since its debut in 2004, Ingenious has been immensely popular and in 2010 we are giving Ingenious a new look and some new components.

Ingenious will play the same as it always has, but now the game comes with new scoreboards with peg holes to keep track of your score. The new scoring pegs fit snugly into the scoreboards, so you won't have to worry about bumping the board and losing your score.

In addition to the scoreboards, the game's box, racks and tiles have been slightly redesigned, but the difference should in no way impact your enjoyment of the game.

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45+ minutes

1 - 4 players

Ages 10+


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