"Explore with me now this lost, mythic age and discover in it the ancient roots of our own world. Wander with me down the darkening halls of time and find at their beginning the place where legends were born. Read with me the pages of our tattered history and mourn with me the fleeting glimpse of our faded glory and lost promise."
–Fiadan the Sage, in the Year 2664 of the Deluene Calendar

Dawnforge, a roleplaying game available for download through rpgnow.com and drivethrurpg.com, is a unique fantasy campaign setting for the d20 system from Fantasy Flight Games. The Crucible of Legend book provides everything you need to run adventures and campaigns in this mythic setting. Players can take on new adventures and exciting campaigns in the Dawnforge universe or introduce the blossoming magical powers and epic locales of the world of Eadar to their ongoing campaign.

The universe of Dawnforge swells with magic and wonder, and heroes of legend walk the streets of grand empires just reaching their golden age of fruition. Heroes in the world of Dawnforge are not just uncovering artifacts of great power, they are forging their own items of legend. The characters that players create in the world of Dawnforge become the myths and legends that define and shape the future of civilization.

The home of Dawnforge is Eadar, a world at its peak. The land is lush, the civilizations are rich, and the peoples are prosperous and filled with magic and life.

Become the Legendary Heroes of Eadar

The races that populate the Dawnforge setting are powerful and idealized versions of beings both familiar and new. The powers of creation still linger in young Eadar’s golden age, and all creatures benefit from the effusion of magical energy that permeates the land. Players will find that their characters, even when rooted in of familiar races and classes, gain levels faster and develop incredible powers while adventuring in Dawnforge.

The dwarves of Dawnforge are even more hale and hearty than their descendants, boasting a strength and sturdiness comparable to the bones of the earth itself. The dawn elves are a populous and influential people flush with the magic of Eadar and closely attuned to the forces of nature. Their cousins, the night elves, split from the dawn elves’ society after adopting new religious practices. Now, the night elves live under the mountains and are known as rebels, wanderers, and rogues.

The humans are divided into four sub-groups: highlanders, lowlanders, saltbloods, and trueborn. The highlanders are extremely devoted to their individual clans, and are characterized by being fast on their feet and utterly fearless in battle. The lowlanders are an agrarian people, and their hulking musculature is a result of many years working the fields of their family homesteads. Saltbloods are hardy, quick, and filled with bravado and bluster; they are born with brine in their veins and are well-acquainted with the danger that a seafaring life offers. The noble lines of the Kingsmarch area call themselves the trueborns, and they are descended from those responsible for creating the great human civilization that is currently blossoming on Eadar. They can be found primarily in the heavily settled Kingsmarch area of Eadar, and are typically the chivalrous knights and honorable lords of its lands.

Halflings in the land of Eadar are a nomadic people, with the largest identifiable group of the diminutive people calling themselves the Faring Folk. Halflings bring exotic goods from far away lands, and are well-accepted by most cultures, though some consider them thieves and scoundrels. Though the dawn elves have maintained a close bond with their fey heritage, the gnomes of Eadar have stayed even closer to their magical roots. The gnomes live among the mountains and forests of the land, and are so deeply connected to the secret roots of magic that some elders among the gnomes fade between realms as they age.

There are also a number of playable monstrous races in the setting of Dawnforge. Players can explore the land of Eadar as a doppleganger, a member of the lizardfolk, a minotaur, an ogre, or a tiefling. Also in Dawnforge, there are “thinbloods,” rogue members of an oppressed caste of the serpentine yuan-ti’s social hierarchy.

Venture out into the wilds of Eadar to contend with the threats of the untamed wilderness, or clash with the cruel denizens of the tiefling’s Valhedar Dominion or the yuan-ti empire of Zangala.

There are many ways to live a life of legend in Dawnforge. Pick your path and explore a world ripe with magic and potential for remarkable adventures and power untold.

What Is an RPG?

In a Roleplaying Game (RPG), like Dawnforge, you create an alter ego, a fictional character like one of the heroes you've read about or seen in films. Using the game rules, you and your friends create characters and develop them as you play through a series of adventures. Imagine a group of detectives working together to solve a case or a company of knights sent to defeat a monster. Rather than reading or watching a story, however, you tell it.

How is the story told? How do you decide what happens? What do you do if you and your friend disagree? That's where rules come in. Roleplaying is only half of the story; the other half is the game itself. Dawnforge presents you with the rules of the game—how to design your character, how to resolve actions, and how to have fun doing so. During a game of Dawnforge, players roll pools of dice to determine the outcome of combat, social intrigues, or other risky actions.

Before you start playing, you and your friends will need to decide which of you is the game master (GM). The GM is the referee and the lead storyteller, the person who describes the game to the other players. The GM presents the stories and situations, provides the setting and its denizens, and adjudicates the rules. The other players take on the roles of the characters, around whom the action revolves. These characters are known as the Player Characters (PCs). They describe their intentions and actions to the GM, who then decides how their actions affect the plot. So how do you win?

The answer is up to you. The game master is not set against the heroes. Both the game master and the hero party are working together to create a memorable experience for all involved. Each session gives both parties a chance to become part of something larger, and create a path to power and mythic proportions of glory in Dawnforge!

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