Star Wars™: Legion Organized Play

Jump into the Star Wars galaxy's greatest infantry battles and immerse yourself in the miniatures wargaming hobby with Star Wars™: Legion Organized Play!

With its detailed miniatures, easy-to-learn rules, and highly tactical gameplay, Legion makes it easy for you to wage thrilling ground combat in any Star Wars setting you can imagine. Endless, shifting deserts. Snow-covered ice planets. Swamps. Grassy plains. Forested moons. Secret Imperial military installations. The crumbling remains of ruined cities where Rebel forces plot their latest insurrection.

Organized Play adds to your experience of the game by helping you find other players and new places to play. You can meet with friends for group painting sessions, experiment with new armies, enjoy campaign play, rally your Rebel friends against a team of Imperials, and band together with your fellow Imperials to crush the Rebellion. You can even take a shot at exclusive rewards while quenching your thirst for competition.

There are a wide range of activities available to you through Organized Play—from casual game nights and other in-store Ground Assault events to the dramatic, high-level competitions that lead to our World Championships.

You can read more about the official Organized Play events for Star Wars: Legion by clicking on the links below.

Programs and Events

In-Store Events

In-store events at local game stores are the foundation of Legion Organized Play, and your in-store battles begin with the Recruitment Kit. Use this kit to support your local community through the first two months of play, and then you can follow it up with the play experiences supported by Ground Assault Kits. These seasonal kits are released each calendar quarter and offer prizes to support for up to three months of in-store play. Ground Assault prizes are refreshed each season and can be used to support single-day events, weekly game nights, or casual in-store play coordinated with your local organizer.

Read More about the Recruitment Kit and the Ground Assault Kits.

Championship Events

Players interested in testing their skills against the game's very best can pursue their path to the Legion World Championships through competitive events at stores and conventions.

Read more about Star Wars: Legion championship events.


Past Events




Tournament Resources

Player Resources

Updated on October 15th, 2018. Added Operation: Superior Position, Operation: Deep Jungle, and Operation: Shadow.


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