12 March 2018 | Star Wars: Legion

Recruit Your Legions

In-Store Events for Star Wars™: Legion Kick Off with the Recruitment Kit

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"General Solo, is your strike team assembled?"
     –General Madine, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Star Wars™: Legion is nearly here!

Demos are already up and running, and only ten days remain until the Core Set arrives at retailers, along with the first unit expansions and Launch Weekend activities. Accordingly, troopers everywhere are eagerly awaiting their deployment and itching to jump into battle.

But where will these battles lead? After the dust settles, the roar of artillery fire dies down, and the Launch Weekend battlefields lie silent, what should players expect from Star Wars: Legion Organized Play?

In short—a galaxy of endless adventure!

As exciting as it is to leap into action with the opening shots of a Launch Weekend, the in-store events to follow represent the true core of Star Wars: Legion Organized Play. This is, after all, a hobby miniatures game of nearly limitless possibility, and in-store events allow you to tackle all manner of new operations over the course of weekly game nights, single-day events, and even casual games coordinated with your favorite local game store. It all begins with the Recruitment Kit.

Ready for Battle

Scheduled to arrive in April, the Recruitment Kit offers flexible support for your local Star Wars: Legion community through in-store play.

Every four weeks, Star Wars: Legion Organized Play revolves around a different operation—either an Escalation operation or a Strategic operation that leads you and your opponents through the challenges of an unfolding campaign. The guidelines for these operations will be made available on the Star Wars: Legion Organized Play website, and the movement between them ensures your gaming experiences are continually refreshed.

The Recruitment Kit leads you into your first operations with enough materials to support a group of up to eight players for the first two months of in-store Organized Play. You'll ease into your first battles with the Escalation operation, Gathering Forces, and then apply your tactical acumen toward Operation: Silent Hail, a Strategic operation that opens with one side's attempt to call for reinforcements and builds toward a desperate final stand.

The Recruitment Kit also introduces three different ways for your local community to enjoy these operations. You can run a Weekly League, which meets at a regular time each week. You can run through all four stages of a single operation in an epic Single-Day Event. Or you can run a Rivals League, in which you pair up against one other player and schedule your in-store matches at your own convenience.

The Recruitment Kit also comes with prizes to reward your participation in Star Wars: Legion Organized Play, as well the support you show your favorite local game store.

  • 17 extended art Aurebesh Stormtrooper upgrade cards
  • 17 extended art Aurebesh Rebel Trooper upgrade cards
  • 13 Imperial commander tokens
  • 13 Rebel commander tokens
  • 1 certificate for Best Painted Commander
  • 1 certificate for Best Painted Corp

The Recruitment Kit comes with thirty-four extended art upgrade cards—seventeen copies of an extended art Stormtrooper upgrade and seventeen copies of an extended art Rebel Trooper ugprade. These cards are printed in Aurebesh and are awarded two different ways—a different card each month. You get one for playing at least one league game during the month the card is being awarded, and you can claim a second copy of the same upgrade when you make a Legion purchase in your game store. One extra copy of each card is included for the event organizer to keep or distribute at his or her discretion.

Meanwhile, you earn one of the Recruitment Kit's custom commander tokens after you participate in at least three of the league's games or events. You can earn the Imperial commander token during the first month's operation and the Rebel commander token during the second month's operation. There's a copy of each token for the event organizer, as well, and the additional copies of these tokens are distributed semi-randomly at the end of each operation.

Over the course of your league or Single-Day Event, your organizer will record your results on the Recruitment Kit's achievement tracker, and the better your results, the greater your chances of walking away with a pile of custom rewards. The result is that everyone has a chance to earn one or more of these tokens, but by the more achievements you record, the better your chances of claiming a second token!

Finally, the Recruitment Kit comes with prizes for monthly painting contests. In the first month you'll have the opportunity to submit a painted commander and vote for your favorite among the others. The next month you can submit and vote for a painted corps unit.

Count Me In

The Galactic Civil War rages across the galaxy. Imperial troops march across countless planets. Rebel soldiers fight for citizens' hearts and minds. Some will be swayed by their efforts, and they will join the Rebellion. Some will remain loyal to the Galactic Empire. But only those who take a side can ever hope to shape their own destiny.

Only those who fight in the war can help to win it. Will you be among their number? Your chance is coming. The Star Wars: Legion Recruitment Kit represents the beginning of Legion in-store Organized Play… and your first step into a larger galaxy of limitless adventure.

Talk to your retailer about participating in Star Wars: Legion Organized Play after the Recruitment Kit arrives in April 2018!

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