Archive  8 July 2009

Heed the Commander's Call

A Preview of the Field Commander for BattleLore: Heroes Expansion

Archive  30 June 2009

Calling all Anti-Heroes

A Preview of the Rogue for BattleLore: Heroes Expansion

Archive  24 June 2009

Calling All Heroes

Announcing the Heroes Expansion for BattleLore

Archive  22 June 2009

Advanced Training

Two Downloadable Unit Upgrades for BattleLore

Archive  23 December 2008

Time to Rock and Troll!

A new Troll web-scenario is now available to download

Archive  26 November 2008

New Troll Scenario Now Available!

A new Troll scenario is available to download for BattleLore.

Archive  20 November 2008

Your Marching Orders

An Intro to Battlelore

Archive  19 November 2008

BattleLore Design Update

by Jason Steinhurst

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