Archive  2 January 2014 | Android Fiction

Rebel is Now Available

The Final Installment of the Identity Trilogy is Now On Sale

Archive  4 December 2013 | Android Fiction

Strange Memories

Preview the First Chapter of Android: Rebel

Archive  13 November 2013 | Android Fiction

The Search for Identity Concludes

Announcing the Final Installment in The Identity Trilogy

Archive  28 December 2012 | Android Fiction

Mimic, Book Two of The Identity Trilogy, Is Now Available

Investigate the World of Android with Detective Drake 3GI2RC

Archive  14 December 2012 | Android Fiction

Evade Capture with Detective Drake 3GI2RC in Mimic

A Second Preview of Book Two of the Identity Trilogy Set in the World of Android

Archive  3 December 2012 | Android Fiction

Explore the World of Android With Detective Drake 3GI2RC

Preview the First Chapter of Mimic, Book Two of the Identity Trilogy

Archive  7 November 2012 | Android Fiction

A Psychic Cop and a Secretive Blogger

A Second Excerpt from Strange Flesh an Android Novel

Archive  31 October 2012 | Android Fiction

Conspiracies and Cyperpunk Noir

An Excerpt from Strange Flesh, a Novel Set in the Android Universe

Archive  13 September 2012 | Android Fiction

Worlds of Mystery and Danger

Four New Novels are Available from Fantasy Flight Publishing

Archive  12 September 2012 | Android Fiction


Announcing the Second Novel in the Identity Trilogy by Mel Odom

Archive  3 May 2012 | Android Fiction

Strange Flesh

Announcing an upcoming novel set in the dystopian world of Android

Archive  1 November 2011 | Android Fiction

A Grim Dance, A Grisly Murder

Two new novels are available from Fantasy Flight Publishing

Archive  10 October 2011 | Android Fiction

Human, More or Less

A preview of Golem, the upcoming Android novel

Archive  22 September 2011 | Android Fiction

Sleep Mode

A preview of chapter one of Golem, the upcoming Android novel

Archive  12 September 2011 | Android Fiction

Expand Your Library

Fantasy Flight Publishing's first three novels are now available

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