The End of the Apocalypse

Previewing the Fifth Scenario from the Age of Apocalypse Campaign


The Apocalypse is nigh! The release of Marvel Champions: The Card Game’s latest expansion is just days away. Over the past couple of months, we have previewed each of the scenarios of the Age of Apocalypse campaign. Today, it’s time to finally take a look at the campaign’s fifth and final scenario. If you don’t want it to be spoiled for you, then close this article now and save the surprise for when you pick up the expansion yourself.

You have been warned! Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Age of Apocalypse campaign’s final boss!

The Final Battle

After Dark Beast’s defeat, our heroes take control of the time portal and use it to return to the past, hoping to prevent Professor X from being assassinated. Unfortunately, they arrive just a second too late; the professor is infected with a deadly techno-organic virus…and only Apocalypse has the cure. With no other options, the heroes travel to the high-tech pyramid of En Sabah Nur (Age of Apocalypse, 147B) to bring the fight to the villain himself.

If you think this version of Apocalypse won’t be as strong as the full-blown tyrant you fought earlier, think again! While he may not have fully ascended yet, this version of Apocalypse makes up for his lack of an empire with raw power, and this is represented by the game’s very first “three-sided” villain card. Apocalypse begins the game in Biomorph (Age of Apocalypse, 179A) form, which focuses primarily on attacking. As the scenario goes on, various cards cause him to shift to his scheme-focused Cyberpath (Age of Apocalypse, 179B) form, or enlarge to his stalwart and imposing Giant (Age of Apocalypse, 179C) form.

Each form has a different ability that triggers when Apocalypse changes to it, and you can expect him to change forms a lot during the scenario. Both stages of the main scheme can pull Superpower cards from the encounter deck after building up power counters, and every single card in the En Sabah Nur encounter set has the Superpower trait and can change Apocalypse’s form. For example, his Biomorphic Blast (Age of Apocalypse, 150) can swap him to Biomorph, the Plugged In (Age of Apocalypse, 154) side scheme can switch him to Cyberpath, and he can draw on his Staggering Strength (Age of Apocalypse, 149) for a Giant-sized wallop!

As if his superpowers weren’t bad enough, Apocalypse also has a full arsenal and army at his beck and call. With the Celestial Tech encounter set, Apocalypse can wield a Celestial Weapon (Age of Apocalypse, 157) to power up his attacks, and he can don Celestial Armor (Age of Apocalypse, 156) to likewise empower his schemes. If that still isn’t enough, Apocalypse can call upon the members of Clan Akkaba to assist him in battle. With Ozymandias (Age of Apocalypse, 159) at the helm, this tyrant-worshiping clan utilizes an Ancient Ritual (Age of Apocalypse, 163) to overwhelm the heroes with a flood of encounter cards. The Clan Akkaba Zealots (Age of Apocalypse, 161) will gladly leap to the defense of their master, their defeat fueling the Ancient Ritual, while the fierce Scarab (Age of Apocalypse, 160) can grant the ritual a significant boost each time she defeats an ally. With Apocalypse commanding such forces in combination with his own strength, the heroes will have to bring their A-game if they want any hope of emerging victorious!

The End of an Age

Our heroes have fought long and hard throughout the entirety of the Age of Apocalypse campaign. From the onslaught of Unus and the Infinites to the final battle against Apocalypse for the fate of the world, this campaign serves as the perfect finale to the mutant trilogy of Marvel Champions expansions. Look forward to taking on these scenarios yourself when Age of Apocalypse arrives on store shelves March 29th!

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