24 August 2020 | Organized Play

August Update: COVID-19 and FFG OP

An Update for All Events Regarding COVID-19


Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns and the uncertainty surrounding the safety and feasibility of large gatherings around the world, we have decided to cancel all large-scale Organized Play events for our games through the remainder of 2020. This includes the 2020 Prime Championships, System Open, Vault Tour, and Kotei Series events, Grand Championships, Continental Championships, Arkham Nights, and all World Championships.

While we know this decision will disappoint some of our players, our first priority is the health and safety of our community and staff, and the unpredictability of the ongoing pandemic means that we cannot continue to plan for these events with any reasonable degree of confidence.

Postponed events:

These events are on hold for 2020. Details are coming for when these events will start up again and may vary from country to country. Keep an eye out for communication from both FFG and your local distribution partner. Where kits are already distributed, the events can go ahead as long as it is safe to do so.

  • Store Championships
  • Grand Championships

Events on hiatus:

These events are not being planned for the foreseeable future. Our current intention is to bring these events back once we feel it is safe and responsible to do so. We will notify players once these events are brought back.

  • Prime Championships
  • Continental Championships
  • World Championships
  • System Opens
  • Vault Tours
  • VaultWarrior Series
  • Kotei Series
  • Arkham Nights
  • Fellowship Event

For players with an invitation to the 2020 World Championships for one of our games, your invite will be honored for the next World Championship that occurs for that game. Players that have registered for one of the canceled events will receive a refund of their registration or, in some cases, may have the option to have their registration applied to the new date (for postponed events, mainly European SOS, VT, and Kotei events). Registrants for the 2020 Star Wars Destiny World Championships will receive refunds shortly, and registrants for other events should contact the event organizing partner.

Local store level Organized Play will be able to start up again starting September 1st with stores and TOs able to use any kits they have already received. More OP kits for our game lines will start reaching stores in November and a revised schedule for our games for 2021 and beyond will be made public at a later date.

Please stay tuned to our website and social media channels for future updates!

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