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Preview Two New Investigators in Arkham Horror: Dead of Night 


"We don’t ask questions because we like the answers. We ask because ignorance is lethal."
   –Kate Winthrop

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The investigators of Arkham Horror come from all walks of life. While some rely on science and observable fact to deconstruct the mysteries surrounding Arkham, others take a more enigmatic approach. Unraveling the mysteries of Arkham with rituals and spells, putting their own sanity at risk as they face the dead of night.

Join us today as we preview two new investigators in Dead of Night, the first expansion for Arkham Horror Third Edition.

Dead of Night introduces two new scenarios for the investigators of Arkham Horror to wrap their minds around. Both of these scenarios bring new nightmares for the citizens of Arkham to contend with, inviting new ancient ones, monsters, and challenges into the fold.

However, four new investigators look to bring hope in this time of darkness. Each of these characters is lost or broken in their own way , but each also has unique strengths to bring to an investigation, and perhaps, if they’re lucky, they can even use these skills to save the world. 


Bastion of Reason

In the world of Arkham, there is value in anchoring your mind to the real, to the observable, to the truth. Kate Winthrop and her mentor, Professor Young, were pioneers in dimensional science until an experimental beam emitter malfunctioned, rending a hole in space leading to another world. The creature that came through tore her friend to pieces and Kate was powerless to stop it. Haunted by her bloody memories and armed with the remains of Young’s research, she has made incredible breakthroughs and seen the terrible truth that lurks outside of our own dimension. While her colleagues at Miskatonic University still don’t remember her name, Kate has turned her full and formidable intellect to preventing further tragedies.

Kate brings her substantial scientific knowledge to the world of Arkham Horror, able to focus her skills with ease whenever she performs a research action. With four Observation skill, Kate is one of the most efficient clue-gatherers in the game, and is rewarded whenever she attempts to find them.

Kate begins every game with her trusty Research Notes . As a scientist, Kate doesn’t rely on probability, instead using her notes whenever she would reroll a die to increase its value. This removes probability from the equation, and ensures Kate can nearly always find success when she needs it most.

Kate also faces a choice of whether to specialize specifically in clue-gathering, or contribute to ridding Arkham of the horrors that infest it.

Flux Stabilizer is one of Kate’s greatest inventions, giving Kate the power to immediately rid your neighborhood of a non-epic monster or doom when it spawns. This is an easy way to protect Kate as she searches the city for clues.

If you choose to leave your Flux Stabilizer behind, Kate can increase her clue-gathering skills with Replicable Findings,  allowing you to find an additional clue whenever a research action leads to two or more clues! This can accelerate your investigation, giving you an edge against the doom slowly encroaching on the fair city of Arkham.

However you choose to use Kate, her scientific mind will be a great advantage to your team, if it manages to stay intact. 

Bastion of Insight

While observable science is an important piece of Arkham’s puzzle, a select few know the terrifying truth. Some things can’t be explained, there are forces at work in Arkham that extend beyond our mortal understanding. One of these unlucky few is Diana Stanley,  the redeemed cultist.

Sooner or later, the nightmares always came back. Diana dismissed the impulse that led her to join the Order of the Silver Twilight as petty greed—a desperate need to be welcomed within the elite circles of Arkham’s more august citizens. But she couldn’t call it harmless naiveté any longer. Not after she had seen the rituals they performed in the inner chambers of the lodge. Not after she helped them commune with whatever lurked beyond the shadowy threshold. Not after she witnessed the murderous work performed in the Order’s inner sanctum. The screaming face of poor Walter Evans refused to let her ignore, as so many seemed to, the growing evil festering in Arkham. Diana cannot be complicit any longer and joins your investigations in Dead of Night!

As a mystic, Diana interacts with doom on the board. Specifically, she can push the limits of your investigation trading out horror she would suffer for additional doom on the board. While this can be a risky gambit for the investigators of Arkham, with four lore, Diana can quickly dispose of any doom she adds to the board. What's more, lingering doom can be a boon for the former cultist.

Diana begins every game with Dark Insight in play. This card allows Diana to boost her test results while on a space with doom. Diana is no stranger to the encroaching darkness, and thrives where doom awaits.

Like Kate, Diana is also offered a choice at the beginning of a game. She may choose to begin a game with Call the Storm,  a powerful spell that can hit a monster at any space on the board. Of course, there is always a cost to a spell, in the form of a horror to Diana Stanley and a lingering doom where the monster was struck.

Should Diana not choose to Call the Storm, she can begin the game with a Stolen Amulet , a curious item that offers Diana additional freedom during her turn, at the cost of a horror. No matter what starter cards you choose, Diana is putting her very sanity at risk. Can you balance Diana’s powerful insight with the heavy cost?

Light in the Dark

Both of these investigators provide strong advantages in the never-ending fight against the darkness. However, Dead of Night brings new and untold challenges. Are you ready to return to the cursed city of Arkham and once again struggle against forces beyond your mortal comprehension?

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