Arkham Horror All the Way

Announcing the 2023 Week of Horror Event


It’s happening again.

Last year in October, investigators all over the world celebrated the Arkham Horror Files universe in the Week of Horror event. This year, the event returns, and even more horrors are on the way.

From October 23rd through October 31st and beyond, Fantasy Flight Games will provide several exciting ways to engage with the world of Arkham, from thematic activities to in-game challenges.

Without further delay, let’s take a look at what’s to come for this year’s Week of Horror!

Horror in the Cards (Arkham Horror: The Card Game Tarot Readings)

To kick off the week, on October 23rd we will be reading off one of the tarot cards from Return to the Circle Undone. With this reading comes a challenge to all Arkham Horror: The Card Game players who wish to participate: you must apply the effects of the chosen tarot card for all of your Arkham LCG games during the Week of Horror period.

We’ll read off a second card on October 27th. At that point, you can either choose which tarot card you apply to your games, or apply both of their effects at once!

Horror in the Game (Designer Dares)

Think you’ve mastered our games? Prove it! Game designers Waleed Ma’arouf and Philip D. Henry have concocted some sinister “designer dares” to challenge veteran players of our Arkham Horror Files games. These challenges will be revealed on October 25th. Do you dare to test your mettle?

Horror on Camera (“Where do you Arkham?” Photo Challenge)

Sometimes investigators need a change of scenery. On October 26th, we’re challenging our community members on social media to answer this simple question: where do you Arkham? Is it in a spooky forest? Under an old stone bridge? In between tombstones at a graveyard? Take a picture of you and your friends with a game from the Arkham Horror Files universe and share it with us!

Horror at the Dinner Table (Recipes of Arkham)

Then, on October 29th, we’ll put some festive food on the table with new recipes to add to the Velma’s Diner menu. Be sure to give these recipes a try for some authentic Arkham cuisine!

Note: If you haven’t seen the recipes from previous years, you can find them here and here.

Horror in Parallel (New Parallel Investigator)

On October 30th, as we near the end of the Week of Horror, a new parallel investigator will find themself on our website for print-and-play. Who will it be this time? You’ll have to wait to find out!

Horror on Stream (The Blob That Ate Everything ELSE! With the Devs)

On October 31st, join us for a special Halloween livestream as some of the Arkham LCG team takes on the Gen Con 2023 scenario, The Blob That Ate Everything ELSE! Can our intrepid investigators survive such an all-consuming threat? Or will they be devoured by the chaos?

…And More Horror to Come

We have even more Arkham-themed events in store, but we’ll leave you with that little taste for now. This year’s Week of Horror serves as a prelude to Arkham Nights 2023, which will begin soon after Halloween. This means fans will have plenty to look forward to well into November.

How will you face the Week of Horror? We look forward to celebrating the Arkham Horror Files with you all later this month!

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