28 May 2019 | Organized Play

2019 October World Championships

The Best of Star Wars: Destiny and Star Wars: X-Wing Compete


“Never tell me the odds!”
–Han Solo, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Every tournament, every game, every choice has led to the culmination of all Organized Play events for Star Wars™: X-Wing and Star Wars™: Destiny, the World Championships. This year, we’re going bigger. From October 16th – 20th, you can face the best competitors of Star Wars: Destiny and X-Wing within the grand Roy Wilkins Auditorium at the Saint Paul RiverCentre in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The time has come to prove that you have what it takes to win.

Players from countries all around the world will gather to compete for an enviable spread of prizes and of course, the title of World Champion. But before that can happen, we need to share a little information about the event so that you can plan your path to victory.

Below is a snapshot of the timeline for this year’s main events.

  • October 16: X-Wing Last Chance Qualifier, Coruscant Invitational
  • October 17: X-Wing Day 1A
  • October 18: X-Wing Day 1B, Star Wars: Destiny Day 1A
  • October 19: X-Wing Day 2, Star Wars: Destiny Day 1B
  • October 20: Star Wars: Destiny Day 2

For those who are unable to attend, we will be streaming the World Championships throughout the weekend with live commentary. So, whether you’re planning on competing or watching your favorite players from home, make sure to join in on all of the Star Wars action this October! For now, we turn our focus to Star Wars: Destiny.

Star Wars: Destiny

One thing that makes this event unique for Star Wars: Destiny is that it’s the first post-rotation World Championship and of course, because it’s being held in a location bigger than ever before, there are plenty of seats for participants. This is an awesome opportunity to challenge your favorite heroes or villains on a scale like you have never experienced before. 

The main event for Star Wars: Destiny (Standard format) will be starting on Friday for Day 1A and Saturday for Day 1B. Use the Force and strike down your enemies in order to clear a path to the Day 2 cut on Sunday. There, only one competitor will rise to the top and earn the title of World Champion. In addition, there will be Infinite and Trilogy format side events, as well as on-demand and draft pods in order to keep your skills and senses sharp. We'll have more information on these and other side events in the future.

Tickets for the 2019 Star Wars: Destiny World Championships will be going live on June 28th at 2:00 PM CDT (UTC -5). Players who have reserved seats can claim their seats now, and they must do so by the deadline on September 30th. Any players who receive an invite to the World Championships after September 30th should contact us directly at [email protected] so we can accommodate you. Embrace your fate and don’t miss out on the biggest Star Wars: Destiny event of the year!

UPDATE: You may purchase your tickets here starting on June 28th at 2:00 PM CDT (UTC -5). At that time, half of the tickets will be made available. Twelve hours later at 2:00 AM CDT (UTC -5), the other half will become available to purchase.

Star Wars: X-Wing

For those X-Wing players who have yet to score an invitation to this year’s World Championship, there will be a Last Chance Qualifier event (Extended format) taking place on site on Wednesday, October 16th. There are 400 seats available for the Last Chance Qualifier, and the Top 64 players of the Last Chance Qualifier are guaranteed to qualify for Worlds! Even if you're unable to qualify for the World Championship, participants in the Last Chance Qualifier are free to play and participate in all side events throughout the weekend. Tickets for the Last Chance Qualifier will become available for purchase on June 28th at 2:00 PM CDT (UTC -5).

Running alongside the Last Chance Qualifier on Wednesday is the 2019 Coruscant Invitational, a team event featuring the winners of the System Open Series. This is a multi-round event that will feature every faction in the game, as well as the new Epic Play for the second edition of X-Wing. This is sure to be an event full of twists and turns, topped off with a grand finale that only a game like X-Wing could provide.

The main X-Wing event (Extended format) will be starting on Thursday for Day 1A and Friday for Day 1B. Plot your maneuvers and plan your attacks carefully, as only the true ace pilots will make it to the Day 2 cut on Saturday. There, it will be proven who among the competitors has what it takes to become a World Champion. In addition, there will be Hyperspace side events and on-demand pods to keep up the non-stop X-Wing action. We'll have more detailed information on side events soon.

Players who already have invitations to this year’s World Championship can claim their seats now. The deadline for reserving your seats is September 30th; however, if you win an invite after that date please contact us directly at [email protected] so we can accommodate you.

UPDATE: You may buy your tickets for the Last Chance Qualifier starting on June 28th at 2:00 PM CDT (UTC -5). At that time, half of the tickets will be made available. Twelve hours later at 2:00 AM CDT (UTC -5), the other half will become available to purchase.

The Verge of Greatness

Making new friends, seeing familiar faces, and experiencing moments that you could never anticipate but will never forget—there’s nothing else quite like the World Championships. This year, what will your story be—one of perseverance and triumph—or will you fall in the face of adversary? This October, only you can decide that.

Stay tuned as we will have more to follow soon, including the streaming schedule, registration details, and a reveal of the fantastic prizes! 

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