22 March 2019 | Genesys

Night on the Town

Download a Free Adventure for Shadow of the Beanstalk


At the base of the ladder to the stars, nothing is as it seems. Most who call New Angeles their home live a relatively mundane life in the near-future. But all of that can change in an instant. Taking a wrong turn can change your life in an instant, and running into the wrong people can turn a simple night out on the town into a bloody affair.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present “Night on the Town,” a free digital Shadow of the Beanstalk adventure for Genesys roleplaying that can be downloaded here (2.6 MB)!

“Night on the Town” is split into two parts. The first part, “Happy Hour” was originally a one-shot adventure ran at Gen Con 2018 and the Magnum Opus event at the Fantasy Flight Game Center later that year. The second part, “On the Run” was written as a sequel to “Happy Hour” and was featured at PAX Unplugged in 2018.

Paranoid Android

Together, this two-part adventure follows the lives of several comrades and friends living in the seedy port districts of New Angeles, the massive megalopolis that forms the heart of the Android setting.

These adventures were originally designed to be run with six pre-constructed characters:

  • Aditi Desai is an escaped clone hiding her true identity, now working as a street doctor.
  • Tam Kamaka is a genetically modified bounty hunter looking for his next big payday.
  • After resigning from the NAPD, Harry Raines became a private eye to try and do some good in the world.
  • Having recently arrived from the Moon, con artist Vince Mallory has already gotten in trouble with members of the local underworld.
  • Zoey Ortega used to work for the company that runs the Beanstalk, but after she got fired she's been trying to get her own tech business off the ground.
  • A space construction worker with degrees in orbital mechanics and physics, Mila Braun just wants to enjoy life with her friends.

Each of these characters can be downloaded here (4.8 MB)—however, "Night on the Town" has been modified to work with any group of PCs!

New Faces, New Places

After a hard day’s work in New Angeles, a night on the town is just what the doctor ordered. But when your night takes a turn for the worse, do you have what it takes to survive in New Angeles, and maybe make a profit along the way?

Find a new adventure in “Night on the Town,” a new adventure for Shadow of the Beanstalk (GNS04), available now for download here!

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