5 March 2020 | Genesys

Mutant Invasion!

Announcing a Card Pack for Genesys: Secrets of the Crucible


The Crucible is filled with strange and wondrous creatures, belonging to many disparate Houses. And if that inherent variety wasn’t enough, the introduction of mysterious dark æmber has welcomed in a flood of mutation, as once-familiar giants, thieves, demons, knights, and others become forever changed. Some rejoice in the changes, while others see them as heresy and fight to eradicate the dark æmber and its effects. Which side of the conflict will you take?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Mutant Invasion!, a Genesys roleplaying supplement pack, designed to expand the content first introduced via the Secrets of the Crucible sourcebook!

Within this pack, you’ll find 40 oversized cards stuffed with information for players and Game Masters alike. You’ll encounter a brand-new playable species, rules for incorporating the mutative dark æmber into your own games, adventure builders, locations, and over 30 NPC adversaries to populate your adventures. If you’re planning to take your Genesys adventures to the Crucible, the Mutant Invasion! supplement pack brings even more of the diversity and wonder that makes the Mass Mutation set of KeyForge decks so compelling.

New Horizons Await

The Mutant Invasion! pack begins by introducing a new playable species to your games: the proximan. This species has been seen on the Crucible for at least several millennia and is thought to hail from the Alpha Centauri system. Proximans have a symmetrical, largely humanoid appearance, and evolved neuro-accelerant glands within their twin cranial protrusions, allowing proximans to quickly process sensory information and determine the best way to react when prey or deadlier predators are detected. While they are not as strong as other species due to their homeworld’s lower gravity, proximans are true survivors and not to be underestimated.

If you’re a player who wants to excel at detecting and dealing with dangers, the proximan might be the perfect species for you!

Of course, the bulk of this roleplaying supplement pack is devoted to over 30 NPCs that Game Masters can use to fill their adventures, drawing on the weird and wonderful creatures of the Crucible and the dark æmber mutations introduced by the Mass Mutation set for KeyForge. You and your fellow players may be out doing a job and discover that Bad Penny is after the same item as you. Or, you may find Fandangle the witch seeding dark æmber to cause mutations in the local wildlife. Your explorations may even lead you across a tribe of niffle apes, a niffle queen, or the gigantic, mutated Kong. These NPCs may work with the players, or they may stand in their way, but either way, they bring new life to the allies and adversaries on the Crucible.

Finally, Game Masters will uncover a host of adventure seeds in this pack. An easy adventure builder takes Game Masters through a simple process of developing an adventure, from the hook, through the escalation, to the climax of the plot threads earlier established. As an added bonus, three location cards help Game Masters bring some of the most common locales on the Crucible to life with additional plot seeds, special rules, and examples!

Mutate Your Adventures

The onset of dark æmber is about to change the Crucible forever. Unlock the next chapter of your adventures with the Mutant Invasion! roleplaying supplement pack for Secrets of the Crucible, scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2020!

You can pre-order your own copy of Mutant Invasion! (uGNS13) at your local retailer today!

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