6 November 2019 | Genesys

Your Guide to Adventure

Preview the New Settings Featured in the Genesys Expanded Player's Guide


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In Genesys, the only limitation is your imagination. The settings are limitless, and the adventures infinite. While the system offers complete freedom to make whatever world you envision, it also gives you the tools you need to begin your journey, including plenty of sample settings to base your world on.

Join us today as we preview the new settings found in the Expanded Player’s Guide for Genesys Roleplaying!

These settings draw inspiration from a diverse range of media—from the epic legends and myths of past civilizations, to the classic horror literature and films of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, to the desperate stories of societal collapse that captivate our imaginations today.

Each of these settings includes new character creation options, equipment and weapons, and adversaries to challenge your characters. These settings provide a broad overview and starting point for building your own games in these universes, including tips on how to strike the appropriate tone and tell compelling stories. 

The World of Heroes

From the time of humanity’s first words, we have told stories of epic heroes, magic swords, dire monsters, and treasure hoards. Real-world mythology provides richly detailed settings filled with exciting characters ranging from superpowered demigods to quick-witted tricksters. Some of these stories, like that of Jason and the Argonauts—whose quest for the golden fleece pitched them against islands of vicious killers, fire breathing oxen, and monstrous dragons—could have been plucked directly from a tabletop RPG.

The Age of Myth setting allows you to step into these iconic tales from a variety of cultures and history. Greek, Roman, and Egyptian myths and more are the perfect settings for a group of heroes looking for adventure.

In this Age of Myth, you can even play as a veritable Demigod, like Hercules himself. This character might have been born of a union between a mortal and a god, or perhaps they are the child of gods stolen at birth and robbed of some of their divine majesty. Either way, playing as a Demigod can provide rich character and story options no matter the setting.

The stats and abilities of a Demigod in the World of Myth setting.

Of course, the heroes of myth also need appropriate weapons and equipment to tackle the challenges ahead of them. In many myths, these weapons are just as important as the heroes who wield them.

Apollo’s bow was said to be so accurate the god could not miss a shot. In addition, the merest graze from one of its arrows could bring on a terrible plague. If your hero is lucky enough to wield this mighty bow, they remove every setback die from a skill check using it. Furthermore, every enemy hit by a critical injury from the bow suffers a debilitating illness!

With the Expanded Player’s Guide, the World of Myth is at your fingertips!

The World of Horror

Horror has been a part of human storytelling since the time of cave paintings. In the 1800s, a new form emerged featuring a series of monsters whose legacy has echoed across the years, most importantly in film. Today, nearly everyone is familiar with these terrors: stitched-together corpses reanimated via chemicals and electricity; beings neither dead nor alive and damned for eternity to drink blood; shapeshifters cursed to dread the coming of the full moon, and many more.

This horror isn’t just about monsters. It is also about the people who have become monsters, often in a quest for power. In their hubris, they have conducted experiments on animals, humans, and even themselves that go far beyond the limits of safety and morality.

In Monsterworld, your characters experience a unique brand of horror as they struggle to survive their adventures in a terror-filled land. Perhaps they are normal people struggling with the horrors around them, or maybe they themselves hold a piece of this terror within themselves.

Those who stalk the monsters of the night can be terrifying individuals themselves. Consumed with vengeance, they attack with all the fury of the creatures they hunt. One day, they will also fall, but not before they end the existence of as many of their hated foes as possible. Perhaps your character is one of these Fearless Slayers, the one thing that strikes fear into the monsters stalking the night.

The stats and abilities of a Fearless Slayer in the Monsterworld setting.

A unique weapon within this setting, the Sunlight Grenade, may be your greatest hope of survival. A special weapon designed for exposing those who stalk the night to the burning light of day, sunlight grenades may be difficult to create, but they have proven deadly to some things that science cannot explain.

When a sunlight grenade explodes, it acts as direct sunlight on all characters within medium range until the end of the current round. Characters in cover who have the Sunlight Sensitivity ability suffer 3 wounds and 6 strain instead of the ability’s normal effects.

What horrors await you in your own Monsterworld? 

The World of Survival

The post-apocalyptic genre is a setting in which a world’s society has collapsed, and the remaining populace must survive in a strange and dangerous new world. One of the oldest genres of fiction, post-apocalyptic stories can be found throughout the founding myths and religious stories of various real-world cultures. As far back as the Babylonians and the ancient Judaic cultures, people were telling tales of the end of the world.

Post-apocalyptic stories as we know them today gained popularity in the wake of World War II. With the development of nuclear weapons and the constant threat of mutually assured destruction, the idea that the world could be wiped out at a moment’s notice became the defining cultural anxiety of the twentieth century. Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic themes were rampant in all forms of media, from books and films to popular music.

Most of the people one finds in a post apocalyptic setting are survivors, average people who through luck and skill have managed to ride out the calamity that destroyed civilization. Now they’re trying to master the most valuable skill in this new era: staying alive.

The stats and abilities of a Survivor in the Post Apocalypse setting.

Life in a post-apocalyptic setting isn’t an easy one, your characters will have to use every single tool at their disposal in order to survive, including weapons like nailbats, a simple but vicious weapon.

Expand Your World

With three new settings included, the Genesys Expanded Player’s Guide offers plenty of ways to spark your imagination. But that’s not all it contains, a new step-by-step guide on creating your own setting, and expanding alternate rules. The Expanded Player’s Guide is the perfect way to find new ways to use the Genesys Roleplaying System!

Expand your world with the Genesys Expanded Player’s Guide (GNS11), available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website here!

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