Fury of the Khalasar

Previewing the Dothraki Cards of Dragons of the East


As swift as the wind he rides, and behind him his khalasar covers the earth, men without number, with arakhs shining in their hands like blades of razor grass. Fierce as a storm this prince will be. His enemies will tremble before him, and their wives will weep tears of blood and rend their flesh in grief. The bells in his hair will sing his coming, and the milk men in the stone tents will fear his name. The prince is riding, and he shall be the stallion who mounts the world.
George R. R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

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In the sole Dothraki city of Vaes Dothrak, a chilling prophecy by the Dosh Khaleen proclaimed that the child of Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo would be the long-awaited Stallion Who Mounts the World, the greatest conquerer ever to lead a khalasar. After the betrayal of Mirri Maz Duur, this future seems to be left unfulfilled as another takes its place, one where Daenerys herself leads her own khalasar to reclaim what was taken from her and what is hers by right.

Today, we are pleased to offer you a closer look at the Dothraki cards found in the Dragons of the East deluxe expansion for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game— now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping within the continental United States!

The Stallion Who Mounts the World

The Dothraki ride better than any knights the Seven Kingdoms can possibly offer, fighting fearlessly from horseback with their wicked curved arakhs. The lords of Essos know better than to meet them in open combat, instead offering gifts to every khal who passes through in the hopes that they will not sack their city. But now the time for gifts has ended and the time for conquest has begun.

Dragons of the East provides you with a variety of options for building a deck designed to overwhelm your opponent with military attacks while still accruing the power you need to lead your khalasar across the Narrow Sea and claim the Iron Throne. To begin your conquest, this expansion offers the new Targaryen plot, Fury of the Khalasar (Dragons of the East, 46). While it only provides you with three gold for the round, after the challenges phase begins, this plot allows you to put a Dothraki character into play from your hand, regardless of its cost. If it is still in play at the end of the phase, it is returned to your hand. While this means your chosen warrior cannot help you win dominance later, the chance to play a high-power character even temporarily for no cost can give you an immediate edge that your opponent will struggle to come back from.

With this plot to help shape your strategy, you may wish to create a character-heavy deck built around the ruthless Khal Drogo (Dragons of the East, 5), who makes his first appearance in A Game of Thrones: The Card Game since the  Core Set  (Core Set, 162). Retaining the renown keyword, this Lord can now counteract the end phase ability of Fury of the Khalasar and stop an Army or Dothraki character from being returned to your hand by choosing to discard another card from your hand to save it. This also lets you reap the benefits of new cards like Overwhelming Numbers (Dragons of the East, 22) or Womb of the World (Dragons of the East, 17) without losing your army at the end of the phase. With Khal Drogo leading your forces, you are sure to unite the Dothraki to your cause and become the ruler you were always meant to be.

Blood of my Blood

Following the khal are the loyal bloodriders Jhogo (Dragons of the East, 7) and Rakharo (Dragons of the East, 9). After you lay waste to your enemies in a military challenge in which you control two or more attacking Dothraki characters, Jhogo moves one power from their faction card to your own, while Rakho discards a random card from their hand. You can then fill out your ranks with the  Horselords (Dragons of the East, 15) who become stronger with each Dothraki ally on your side and Daenerys Targaryen (Core Set, 160) to weaken your opponent. Surely no rival can stand a chance against such devastating might on the battlefield.


Now, you have vastly more opportunities to quickly gain power by equipping any of your warriors with a Pit Fighter's Blade (Dragons of the East, 21). Sure to become a new standard in any deck that focuses on military challenges, this attachment only costs one gold and gives its bearer renown during military challenges. This plays into the devastating strength of the khalasar, allowing individuals in your ranks to accrue power at a breakneck pace when used alongside cards like Bloody Arakh (The Archmaester’s Key, 15) or Relentless Assault (Tyrion’s Chain, 118) that let you launch additional challenges with your menacing military. By opening your games with a devastating force and keeping your opponent’s board clear of characters, you will be able to earn victory before your enemy even has the chance to build a proper defense. With the full force of your khalasar behind you, nothing can stand between you and the Iron Throne!

Cross the Poison Water

For as long as she can remember, Daenerys has known that the Seven Kingdoms are hers by right and with the force of the Dothraki beside her, she will take the Iron Throne with fire and blood. Will you stand beside the khaleesi and ride into battle to defend her claim? Honor, glory, and the thrill of battle await!

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